The products mentioned below are ‘END OF LIFE’ and not supported anymore by IRIS.
You can still download and install them, but we cannot guarantee that it will run smoothly on recent operating systems. There will be no assistance provided, or free upgrade/updates for those obsolete products.
As such, we recommend to use our more recent products especially if you are on a recent OS such as Windows 10 or Mac OS X 10.11 & above.
Please take a look at our detailed support policies for more details.


Readiris Pro 14

Readiris Corporate 14

Readiris Pro 15

Readiris Corporate 15

IRISCompressor Pro Windows

IRISCompressor Pro Macintosh

IRISPowerscan 9

IRISmart Invoice


Handheld Scanners

IRIScan Book 3 Executive

IRIScan Book 2 Executive

IRIScan Book 2

IRIScan Mouse


Sheetfed Scanners

IRIScan Anywhere 3

IRIScan Anywhere 3 Wifi

IRIScan Express 3

IRIScan Executive 2


Digital Pens

IRISPen Express 7

IRISPen Express 6

IRISPen Executive 6

IRISPen Translator 6


Business Cards Scanner

IRISCard Mini (Driver only)

IRISCard Pro 4 (Driver only)

IRISCard Anywhere 5

IRISCard Corporate 5