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IRIScan Anywhere 6 Wifi Duplex

  • IRIScan Anywhere 6 Wifi Duplex is a light, autonomous, standalone, high resolution, lithium battery powered portable colour document scanner that allows you to scan contracts, shipping notes, invoices, receipts, medical prescription, patient files records, business cards, pages, letter & A4 colour documents
  • IRIScan Anywhere 6 Wifi Duplex battery can easily be transported, connected wireless or USB. It is ideal for SOHO environments with limited space
  • USB cable or integrated battery power, Scan up to 260 pages between battery charges. Fast scanning speeds At up to 4 seconds per page (15ppm)
  • Versatile scanning capabilities, including scanning to Word, PDF, and Excel formats. Additional features include scanning business cards directly to Outlook, photo scanning, and receipt scanning for efficient document management
  • Professional PDF management with PDF creator, PDF annotations, PDF comments, PDF signature, PDF Zonal OCR - Free 30 days version
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The ideal portable scanner to scan anything, anywhere !
Perfect for any type of document !

Fastest and lightest mobile single sheet fed document scanner in its class

Thanks to its small size and weight (518 g), IRIScan Anywhere 6 Wifi Duplex is your travel partner. You can easily take it with you whenever you go. To school, to work, or on a trip, it doesn't matter where, as long as you have a computer within reach. That is the main advantage of this portable USB WIFI battery scanner. It is the ideal partner if you need to scan documents for professional purposes, on a business trip. A nomadic scanner that fits easily into your suitcase or briefcase!

Versatile scanning capabilities, including scanning to Word, PDF, and Excel formats

IRIScan Anywhere 6 Wifi Duplex comes with a full-featured OCR software (Readiris) that allows you to convert text areas of scanned documents into editabte Word, Excel or PDF files. Your files are converted and ready to be edited and archived.

Use anytime anywhere !

IRIScan Anywhere 6 Wifi Duplex is an extremely compact and lightweight scanner, which can be easily slipped into a bag and can be taken anywhere. Powered by a powerful lithium-ion battery rechargeable via USB, this book scanner works everywhere without being connected to a to a computer! Scan to the cloud scan files directly to online storage accounts with the included software Included Twain driver compatible with virtually any imaging software

IRIScan Anywhere Wifi Duplex
IRIScan Anywhere Wifi Duplex

Revolutionary wireless mobile battery duplex scanner

The IRIScan Anywhere 6 Wifi Duplex is a versatile portable document scanner, offering high-resolution color scanning for a variety of documents, from contracts to business cards. It's lightweight, autonomous, and powered by a lithium battery, making it perfect for professionals on the move. This scanner easily connects wirelessly to smartphones and tablets, ensuring high-quality scans in various environments and paper types.

The free "IRIScan PDF scanner" app facilitates convenient storage and sharing of scanned images directly from your smartphone. It caters to professionals in legal, medical, and business fields, providing a solution for document management, whether on the go or in the office.

With its HQ OCR technology, IRIScan Anywhere 6 Wifi Duplex enables the conversion of scanned images into searchable PDFs and editable formats, supporting a wide range of languages. This innovative companion enhances enterprise productivity and boosts employee satisfaction.

Key Features include the ability to scan anywhere with a smartphone, tablet, or PC, and fast scanning speeds of up to 4 seconds per page (15 ppm) when connected via USB.

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IRIScan Anywhere 6 Wifi

IRIScan Anywhere 6 Wifi Duplex

IRIScan Anywhere 6 Wifi Duplex

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IRIScan Express 4

IRIScan Executive 4

IRIScan Executive 4

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IOS / Android App Yes Yes X X
Scan Speed 15PPM 15PPM duplex 8PPM 8PPM duplex
Power Battery / USB-C Battery / USB-C USB powered USB powered
Wireless Yes Yes No No
Max scan size A4 - Letter size A4 - Letter size A4 - Letter size A4 - Letter size
2-Side Scanning No Yes No Yes
Optical resolution 300/600 dpi & 1200 dpi* 300/600 dpi & 1200 dpi* 300/600 DPI 300/600 DPI
Software pack Anywhere 6 Drivers
Readiris 17
ButtonManager v2
Anywhere 6 Drivers
Readiris 17
ButtonManager v2
Readiris Pro 16
Readiris Corporate 16
Button Manager
OS compatibility Windows® 11 & 10
macOS® 12.x or above
Android App
Windows® 11 & 10
macOS® 12.x or above
Android App
Windows® 10 & 11 Windows® 10 & 11

*1200dpi interpolated

Quick reference guide

Product name IRIScan™ Anywhere 6 Wifi Duplex
SKU 461854
Mercury code (91)3877V399
EAN code 5420079900943
UPC-A code 765010766420

Box Information

Box Size (H x L x D): 355 x 166 x 68 mm - 13.98 x 6.54 x 2.68 in
Box Weight: Around 900 g (2 lbs)
Scanner size (H x L x D): 312 x 66 x 49 mm & 12.28 x 2.59 x 1.92 in
Scanner weight: 630g (1.389 lbs)
Box languages: English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabian, Simplified Chinese, Hebrew
Box content Scanner, Calibration card, USB-C cable, Getting started guide

Scanner specifications

Image sensor: Image sensor A4 color contact image sensor (CIS)
Color Depth & Resolution: 24bit – 300/600dpi & 1200dpi interpolated
Scanning speed & Format: 4sec – Up to 15PPM – A8-A4 / Letter size 8.5 x 11 in
File format: JPEG/TIFF/PDF and other image format
Type of Scanner & Light Source: Single sheet – CIS – Duplex – RGB LED
USB port: USB-C
Power: USB powered USB-C
Charging Time in hours 4.5hrs
Composite of Battery & Battery weight Lithium-ion cell & 48gr – 0.11lbs
Battery life operating (Number of scans) 180 scans/360 images WIFI ON
Maximum daily duty cycle in pages per day 500 pages
Scanner Life 20,000 scans

Minimum requirements

For Computer: At least one USB port available
Wifi conection available
nternet connection for software download
Compatible with latest Android® and iOS® versions
Software suite for Windows®: Microsoft® Windows® 11, 10
512MB RAM recommended
1GB of available hard disk space
Software suite for Mac OS® Mac® computer with Intel 64® Arm processor
macOS® X version 12.x or above
512MB RAM (1GB recommended)
Minimum 1GB of available hard disk space.