Compatible with any scanner

Readiris Pro 16 for Windows
Readiris Corporate 16 for Windows

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Readiris 16 features a built-in scanning module, compatible with almost any document or photo scanner. No matter if you are using an "all-in-one" printer and scanner, an old-school flatbed scanner or even a powerful professional "MFP" scanner, Readiris 16 will always find its way to your paper documents

Compatible with any TWAIN scanner

Twain protocol is used by most scanners, all-in-one, MFPs and digital cameras to communicate with software and computers. Readiris 16 is fully compatible with the Twain protocol in order to guarantee the best support of any existing Twain-compatible scanners.

Advanced scanning features

Scan any document easily from your scanner, all-in-one printer or MFP using Readiris' built-in scanning module. This handy tool will help you optimize your incoming documents by setting up contrast, luminosity, format, color, resolution, duplex mode and many more parameters. The quality of your scans can have a big impact on the OCR results

Compatible with IRIScan portable scanners

Readiris 16 is fully compatible with I.R.I.S.' family of mobile scanners. These quality scanners are made to scan any type of documents and content (letters, invoices, contracts, books, lines of text, paragraphs, etc.) while guaranteeing the best scanning performance to reach optimized document conversion results