Back-up, work and collaborate in the Cloud

Readiris Pro 16 for Windows
Readiris Corporate 16 for Windows

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Easily export all your processed documents into your favorite Cloud hosting service in order to keep track of all your files no matter where you are! Readiris 16 features a large set of Cloud connectors that will let you export your documents to the Cloud during the conversion process

Your documents will always be accessible and secured

Cloud hosting services totally changed the way we store documents. These solutions allows you to upload your files on secured servers that are accessible anywhere through your computer or smartphone. This also means that you can store digital backups of your important files without having to worry about hard drive fails or material destruction!

Compatible with popular Cloud hosting services

Readiris 16 is compatible with the most popular Cloud hosting services including Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Evernote, OneDrive, SharePoint and Therefore

Easy to setup, easy to use

There is no need to install any third-party application to be able to upload documents to the Cloud. Readiris 16 includes built-in Cloud connectors that export your files in the service of your choice during the document conversion process. The only thing for you to do is register to your Cloud hosting service before using this feature

Work and collaborate online

Once extracted using OCR technology, your text and information can be edited and shared online using services like Evernote or Google Drive. These tools will let you work on this content without the need for any third-party word processor or spreadsheet. Your documents are also ready to be shared and edited by others upon your request.