IRIScan™ Pro 3 Wi-Fi

Scan anything, share anywhere!

  • Lightweight and battery-powered scanner
  • 8-page document feeder
  • Send your scans via Wi-Fi
  • Turn all your scans to Word, Excel, PDF

Small but tough

Whether you are at home or at the office, on a plane or at a conference, the IRIScan™ Pro 3 Wifi is the ultimate tool to beat paper and frees you from documents piling up.

Don't be fooled by its size and portability, the IRIScan Pro 3 Wifi is the only battery-powered scanner on the market featuring an 8-page document feeder. It will boost your productivity and scan your desk clean in no time thanks to a stunning 8-pages per minute scanning speed. Store your scans in the 128MB built-in memory, or on a standard SD card (up to 32GB supported for thousands of scans in the palm of your hand!)

Sync with ANY device via Wi-Fi

As paper slips right through the sheet-fed scanner, scans are saved automatically into the built-in memory and ready to be sent via Wi-Fi to your smartphone, iPad®, iPhone®, Android™ tablet, Windows® or Mac® computer. Even better, dedicated easy-to-use iOS/Android™ apps are available online to facilitate the Wi-Fi transfer to your mobile device!

Create compressed, searchable PDFs

Readiris 16™ lets you create compressed and searchable PDF files compatible with virtually any computer. The produced PDF will look exactly the same as the original scan, but its size will be up to 50 times smaller and a text layer ready to be searched will be added. It is now very convenient to find the exact information you are looking for amongst tons of archives, and the size of your digital documents will no longer be an issue while being stored or shared!

Never retype text again

No matter how high the pile of paper you need to scan, the provided world-renowned OCR software Readiris™ 16 will extract all key information easily. Your documents are turned into fully editable files in Word, Pages, Excel, etc. ready to be shared in the Cloud (Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, Skydrive, and more)

Store your documents in the Cloud

Store, access and manage your converted documents from any computer, tablet or mobile phone using Readiris 17's new Cloud connector.
Simply select your favourite Cloud hosting service after the conversion process and your document will automatically be exported, ready to be accessed anywhere you are! All your digital archives will now be safely backed-up and accessible when and where you need it the most!
Supported Cloud services: Evernote, Dropbox, Box & Google Drive

Lose the business card. Not the contact

The IRIScan™ Pro 3 Wifi allows you to quickly scan the stack of business cards you have been collecting for so long. You can then automatically extract all their data with the provided business cards recognition software Cardiris™, and export your digital contacts to Outlook, Excel, Salesforce, ACT!, and more.

Thanks to the scanner’s dedicated slot, you will even be able to scan your ID and credit cards in a snap!

Thanks to the scanner’s dedicated slot, you will even be able to scan your ID and credit cards in a snap!

> Learn more about Cardiris 5 (Business Card software)

Store and manage any file

Manage your documents and content by optimizing the document workflow. The included document management system IRISFile™ helps you centralize all your files in a secured and electronically accessible environment. Thanks to this easy-to-use document management system, your electronic documents can then be shared with clients, colleagues and family, to name a few. You will even be able to give restricted access to some, and more to others.

TWAIN compatible

The IRIScan™ Pro 3 Wifi features a TWAIN driver. TWAIN compatibility allows this portable scanner to work with virtually any document management software that has a scanner interface. Just connect the IRIScan™ Pro 3 Wifi to your laptop via USB, and control the scanner directly from your favorite software.

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IRIScan Pro 3 Wifi - ресурсы

Спецификации сканера   Минимальные требования к компьютеру
- Подача документов: Подача листов (по одному листу или по несколько листов), автоподатчик на 8 стр.
- Разрешение: Низкое 300 точек/дюйм, высокое 600 точек/дюйм
- Формат документа: до A4 /letter
- Интерфейсы: Карта SD (до 32 Гбайт), USB 2.0 slave (для зарядки или передачи файлов)
- Форматы сканов: JPEG или PDF
- Датчик изображений: CIS (контактный датчик изображения)
- Дисплей сканера: 1,2-дюймовый TSN ЖКД
- Встроенная память: 128 Мбайт
- Характеристики аккумулятора: Литий-ионный (3,7 В, 1700 мАч)
- Ресурс аккумулятора: 200 страниц (A4/letter, в цвете)
- Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n
- Размеры упаковки (В x Д x Г): 4,1 x 29,5 x 8,1 см
- Масса: 800 г
- Как минимум 1 свободный USB-порт
- Устанавливается в любой операционной системе, поддерживающей протоколы Mass Storage

Программный пакет для Windows®

- Intel® Pentium® III или более мощный.
- Microsoft® Windows® 10, 8, 7, Vista® или XP (SP3)
- ОЗУ 512 Мбайт (рекомендуется 1 Гбайт).
- Дисковод для компакт-дисков

Программный пакет для Mac OS®
- Компьютер Mac® с процессором Intel®
- Mac OS® X версии 10.6 или более поздней
- ОЗУ 512 Мбайт (рекомендуется 1 Гбайт).
- Дисковод для компакт-дисков
Содержимое упаковки   Краткий справочник
- Сканер
- Кабель USB
- Калибровочный лист
- Международный адаптер питания
- Литий-ионный аккумулятор
- Ткань для чистки
- Краткий справочник на компакт-диске
- Программный пакет для PC и Mac® на компакт-диске
- Краткий справочник

//Содержимое может меняться без предварительного уведомления в зависимости от ограничений, связанных с производством и компонентами.
  - Название продукта: IRIScan™ Pro 3 Wifi
- SKU: 458071
- Размер упаковки (В x Д x Г): 6,5 x 35 x 16,4 см
- Масса упаковки: 1400 г
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