Dedicated IRIS Solutions for Car rental centers

Solutions that will speed up administrative handling and customer service satisfaction.

Improve the perception of your customer service

The car rental sector requires daily efficient official paperwork capturing (driving licenses, national ID cards or passports). For your customers, it represents half the time of their check-in spent at your front desk. On top of that, you will need to make the customer sign rental contracts that will pile-up and take space in you agency. Customers coming for business or leisure purposes are looking to access their rented car as quickly as possible and don’t want to lose time with long administrative tasks that will put them late on their schedule. Loss of time will be associated with bad customer service : in a competitive sector such as car rental it means losing clients. By using IRIS solutions, this situation will be avoided and you will increase your customer satisfaction. It’s the opportunity for you to associate efficiency with the name of you company in the customers’ minds.

It’s the end of administrative hassles

Make your check-in process smooth

business trips or holidays. By speeding up the paperwork, you will decrease time spent at the counter. And that starts by easily digitizing and classifying the customer’s administrative documents.

Customer first

You will no longer need to go to your big large scanners at the back of your office. Stay right at the desk with your customer to capture all ID or driving licenses’ information. Stay available at all time to answer to any other question. regarding reservations.

Make data accessible across all your agencies

For your loyal customers, you won’t need to scan official documents at every check-in. Whether they choose to rent a car in Barcelona or in Paris, you can directly capture all documents and share them through many cloud services, making customer data available to the various agencies of your car rental network.

IRISPowerscan 10

Manage and process ID cards, passports, driving licenses

The solution to automatically capture information on identity cards, passports or driving licenses.


Catalogue - Portfolio IRIS 2019

Discover the full range of IRIS! This includes our software (conversion, PDF and ranking). It also includes all our scanners.

IRIScan Desk Security

IRIScan Desk Security

Optimise your registration and check-in procédures.



Hear what people are saying about us!

When customers arrive at my desk they want just one thing : “Quickly get their car and drive off to the next destination”. After a long flight, having a big queue in front you can be a real source of stress. The IRIS’ products simply help us to reduce the time spent on all the administrative hassle and the customer service. It’s a real win-win situation for the customer and for us. It generates less stress for our customers and increases perception of the quality of our services. Regarding brand-image, this is a real added value.


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