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Readiris 16 features a large set of PDF editing tools to help you accomplish everyday tasks. Within PDF files, it allows you to create, add, merge, delete, edit, rotate, compress, sign or straighten pages. It will also let you convert PDF files to editable Word, Excel or even searchable PDF documents in order to help you edit and manage information

Create searchable PDFs

Searchable PDF format was made for those who don't like to search for information amongst piles of paper documents. This format looks exactly the same as the original image document while adding a text layer ready to be searched and indexed. It will now be very convenient to find the exact information you were looking for amongst tons of archived documents!

Edit PDF files (New)

Readiris 16 features a new built-in text editor tool that will let you edit the content of your PDF files without having to use multiple applications. Simply select the page you want to edit and choose the editor tool to add, delete, replace and correct text within its content.

Add, delete, merge, & straighten pages (enhanced)

Page editing tools let you organize, add, delete, merge, straighten and rotate pages within a PDF document easily. It also allows you to merge multiple PDF files and organize their content as you see fit.

Sign and secure PDF files (New)

Readiris 16 makes it easy to add secure password to prevent copying, editing, printing or even text extracting from your documents.

Compress PDF files

Reduce the size of your images and PDF files drastically using I.R.I.S.'s exclusive high compression technology. This feature will let you compress your files up to 10 times compared to the original size (or even 50 times with the Corporate version of Readiris 16) with no compromise on visual quality, Your compressed documents, in standard PDF format, will be fully searchable and compatible with any usual PDF viewer!