Manage & process easily official Identity documents

IRISPowerscan™ is a first class scalable capture platform that enables companies to automatically process information on ID Cards, Passports, US Driving licenses and Car’s green cards. IRISPowerscan™ classifies, extracts, validates and processes identity key data’s to your enterprise secure system for registration and further processes.

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Immediate benefits of invoice document classification

ID cards, Passports and US Driving licenses contain crucial information for your company

  • Automatic recognition & extraction of all needed data on the USA Driving licenses
  • Recognition and extraction of data on French ID Cards, German ID Cards, Belgian ID Cards, Italian ID Cards, Spanish ID Cards, Mexican ID Cards and many more …
  • No need of a hard copy ID Card or Driving license anymore!
  • Stop manual retyping of identity information
  • Stop asking customer’s or supplier’s visitors to fill in long registration document and reduce queue at reception desk
  • Increase drastically YOUR customer’s satisfaction and welcoming process

Document Classification is a must for YOUR company

  • Increase the competence level of your employees
  • Employees are spending 30% of their time searching for information & handling daily documents
  • IRIS is compatible with your secured document storage system
  • Financial consequence of a document lost become part of the past
  • Offer an optimized service to your customers and suppliers
  • Intelligent IRIS document classification mean focus on your core business and efficiency gain for your company

Immediate benefits of invoice document classification

The customer's benefits IRIS can offer

Hotel reception desk

Give the opportunity to your employees to focus on their daily tasks and more important spend time for helping clients. Copying ID Card data should be fully automated!

Telecom Operators

The main focus of your employees must be to offer optimized service to your customers. Our solution offer time & paper savings for state-of-the-art customer service. No more data copy or typo with writing key identification’ data from ID Cards and other!

National CAR Renting

Optimize your service and customer security service ! Every day you ask for Driving licenses & National ID Card, every day you Hard copy them or even do not trace them at worst ! Improve your customers’ service and improve your front desk process thanks to IRISPowerscan for ID Cards, Passport or Driving Licences

Various stores selling mobile phone cards

You need the correct data from your customer’s ID card for selling mobile phone cards? IRIS can help you by automating this daily task!

Hospital reception desk

Avoid nurses and doctors to waste time with extra administrative workload. Give them the opportunity to focus on their main job : PATIENT Care! The IRIS technology digitizes daily all patients’ ID Cards and creates in a snap the right contact’ details of the patient file you need !

Bank & Real estate registration

Every day bank employees are spending time to handle new bank account requests. This action needs a lot of administrative work and the first one is to identify and capture correctly the key identity information of the new customer. IRIS can fully support you with these tasks !.

Immediate benefits of invoice document classification

100% compatible with IRIS mobile & professional scanners

Don’t wait to be at the office anymore! You can digitize ID cards & documents on the GO, during travels,business trips, meetings or showcases. Even at your reception desk with IRIS high speed Portable Scanners. After simply export them to your preferred platform : Do not loose gold value information anymore.

IRIS : Our technology at a glance

  • IRIS OCR languages Technology
  • IRIS Capture & Processing Technology
  • IRIS Image Clean Up & Enhancement Technology
  • IRIS OCR Metadata keyword extraction technology.
  • IRIS Secure server connector technology.
  • IRIS Microsoft integration Technology.

IRIS : Our technology at a glance

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The most powerful production solution for document capture.


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IRIscan Desk Security

IRIScan Desk Security

Optimise your registration and check-in procedures.

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