Scanning passports (dedicated passport support)
Scanning ID cards
Scanning residence permits
Scanning driving licences
MRZ recognition
Character recognition (OCR)
Simplification of registration procedures
Ultra-ergonomic design
Powered by USB
Portable scanner
Straightening and correction
Multiple languages

A reliable way to scan official documents

Quickly collect all the key data from your clients’ official documents. Facilitate your registration and check-in procedures whilst guaranteeing the identification of the people present in your establishment.

ID cards

Quickly scan ID cards and speed up your check-in procedure. The IRIScan™ Desk 5 Security recognises the MRZ and extracts the data from it (last name, first name, document number, date of birth).


Easily scan the passports provided by your clients: IRIScan™ Desk 5 Security scans them, keeping them perfectly flat thanks to its passport holder. It extracts the information from it thanks to MRZ band recognition.

Receipts and sales slips
Residence permits and visas

The IRIScan™ Desk 5 Security easily scans residence permits and visas containing MRZs. Optimise your registration procedure by quickly digitising official documents.

Passports & ID cards
Driving licences

A driving licence is also used to identify a person. The IRIScan™ Desk 5 Security, a versatile camera scanner, scans them and quickly extracts the data.

business cards
Data extraction

The IRIScan™ Desk 5 Security does not just scan documents in the form of unmodifiable images. Its built-in software recognises MRZs and extracts the key data from them.

Multi-camera videos
Centralisation of data

Automatic creation of a daily folder containing your scans in .TIF format, as well as a central Excel file. This file contains the key data extracted from the official documents, as well as a link to the images. Hotel managers, for example, will be able to complete their police form in a flash.

Capture the data from passports and ID cards

Capture the data from passports and ID cards

The IRIScan™ Desk 5 Security is a versatile camera scanner that is ideal for scanning passports and ID cards. Its dedicated passport holder helps you keep your official documents flat. Slide them into the holder and your documents will remain perfectly flattened during scanning! The software included, IRISmart™ Security, recognises machine-readable zones (MRZs). These are located on most official documents in order to guarantee their identification and validity. The IRIScan™ Desk 5 Security helps you encode and verify the documents provided by your clients (ID cards, passports, driving licences, etc.). This camera scanner therefore lets you set up a fast, reliable authentication and registration system in your establishment (hotel, hospital, medical centre, car rental agency, sports club, etc.).

Optimise your registration and check-in procedures

Optimise your registration and check-in procedures

The IRIScan™ Desk 5 Security lets you improve the client experience in your establishment thanks to simplified check-in, whilst ensuring a transparent process to authenticate your clients. For both security and logistical reasons, the encoding of ID cards and passports is a required procedure in the hospitality sector (hotels, campsites, inns, etc.) and for many receptionists (car rental agencies, medical centres, sports clubs, etc.). This camera scanner will fit in perfectly on any reception or customer service desk. It includes a software package designed especially for registration procedures; IRISmart™ Security. Thanks to this software, the extraction and centralisation of key data from official documents is child's play.

Image processing: scan any official document reliably

Image processing: scan any official document reliably

Forget about repeated scans and wasted time trying to obtain a perfect final rendering when scanning passports; IRIScan™ Desk 5 Security flattens the appearance of bound pages thanks to its unique image flattening module and its passport holder. This camera scanner reliably scans official documents and offers the following advantages: automatic edge detection, automatic cropping, image correction, finger elimination, automatic motion detection, etc. No waiting time to start it up (unlike flatbed scanners)! Place passports and ID cards under the IRIScan™ Desk – it will very quickly generate straight, flat, legible, modifiable files.

Text recognition and automatic cropping of documents

Text recognition and automatic cropping of documents

The IRIScan™ Desk 5 Security integrates the multi-award-winning IRIS OCR (optical character recognition) engine used by many leaders in the IT industry. This allows the camera scanner to recognise printed text in more than 130 languages (including Arabic, Chinese, and Hebrew). Preserve the original layout of your documents whilst making them modifiable. Automatic cropping allows IRIScan™ Desk 5 Security to detect imperfections when several documents are arranged on the mat provided: their edges are cropped automatically and very accurately. Quickly save a large number of passports, ID cards and driving licences, each time obtaining separate, clear, precise, and directly modifiable files!

IRIScan™ Desk 5 Security: the ID card and passport scanner in images

Discover all the powerful features of the IRIScan™ Desk 5 Security, the camera scanner that makes it easy for you to scan ID cards and passports.

Compact size and maximum performance

This camera scanner will surprise you with its refined and ergonomic design. Foldable and lightweight, it fits in perfectly on your reception desk or customer service counter!

Foldable scanner
Ultra-portable foldable scanner
You can fold the IRIScan™ Desk 5 Security and take it anywhere. It is lightweight enough (less than 1 kg) to go into any bag. Ideal portability for nomadic use with your laptop: at the office, at home, and on trips.
High-definition camera
The CMOS sensor in its camera goes up to 8 MP for excellent image quality. Obtain a precise final rendering from all of your ID card and passport scans. Thanks to this image quality, you can be sure of always extracting the data!
Intuitive plug-and-play connections
The IRIScan™ Desk 5 Security connects via USB. This means that just one USB cable is all you need for both charging and file transfer. A 100% plug-and-play product! There is also an additional USB 2.0 port built into the scanner (Hub function) to keep your laptop's USB ports available.

Hotels and Bed & Breakfast establishments

The IRIScan™ Desk 5 Security allows hotel and tourism professionals responsible for checking in their clients to complete the registration procedure quickly. Save time thanks to fast extraction of data from ID cards, passports, driving licences, and more. This data is automatically listed in a central Excel file that also compiles the scanned images. This file fulfils the legal obligation (in certain countries) to submit the list of persons staying in your establishment (individual police file).

Hotels and Bed & Breakfast establishments

Campsites and holiday camps

Registration and reception at a holiday camp or campsite can be a real challenge. Lack of resources (time, space, equipment, etc.) and stress can oblige you to work quickly. The IRIScan™ Desk 5 Security meets your needs by combining high performance with compact size! Scan and capture client data: the information is automatically collected in a central Excel file (data + scans). In particular, this file can be the basis for creating your individual police files, which are a legal requirement in some countries.

Campsites and holiday camps

Car rental agencies

Professionals in the car hire sector need to extract a lot of information quickly from multiple documents: driving licences, ID cards, and passports. Shorten the time spent by clients at your counter by equipping yourselves with an ultra-complete, ergonomic solution: the IRIScan™ Desk 5 Security. This camera scanner can scan many documents and capture client data in just a few clicks. Its software generates a central file containing all of this precious information, for highly personalised client tracking.

Car rental agencies

Sports clubs

Optimise the welcome given to new members at your sports club! Thanks to the IRIScan™ Desk 5 Security, you can easily scan your new clients’ ID documents. ID cards, passports, etc. are easy to scan using this camera scanner with its discreet design. No more need to encode this valuable data manually. Thanks to the integrated software, you can automatically extract a large quantity of information (last name, first name, nationality, etc.). This data is compiled in a practical central file, which also lists all of your scans.

Sports club

IRIScan™ Desk Security: two versions to discover immediately

Discover the special technical features of both versions of this camera scanner that speeds up your client registration procedures! Compare their different features at a glance and choose the one that suits you best.

IRIScan Desk 5 Security

IRIScan Desk


  • Camera resolution: 8 MP
  • Scan size: Maximum A4
  • OCR languages: 138 languages
  • Powered by USB
  • Convert to PDF, Word, Excel
  • Scans documents
  • Scans books (pocket-sized paperbacks only)
  • Multi-camera recording
  • IRISmart File Security

IRIScan Desk 5 Pro Security

IRIScan Desk


  • Camera resolution: 12 MP
  • Scan size: up to A3
  • OCR languages: 138 languages
  • Powered by USB
  • Convert to PDF, Word, Excel
  • Scans documents
  • Scans books
  • Multi-camera recording
  • Autofocus
  • Scans barcodes
  • Scans passports and ID cards
  • Scans business cards (Cardiris)
  • External scanning button
  • IRISmart File Security

IRIScan Book 5 - ресурсы

- Датчик изображения: Датчик изображения: цветная контактная CIS-матрица формата A4
- Разрешения: 300/600/1200 точек/дюйм
- Скорость сканирования страницы A4:
---- Высокое разрешение, цветное: 4 секунды
---- Высокое разрешение, черно-белое: 3 секунды
---- Низкое разрешение, цветное: 2 секунды
---- Низкое разрешение, черно-белое: 1 секунда
- Емкость (документы A4 на карте MicroSD™ емкостью 4 Гбайта. В зависимости от сложности материала):
---- 1200 точек/дюйм, цветное: 500 файлов JPEG
---- 600 точек/дюйм, цветное: 1000 файлов JPEG
---- 300 точек/дюйм, цветное: 2000 файлов JPEG
- Форматы файлов: JPEG, PDF или многостраничный PDF
- ЖКД: Цветной экран диагональю 1,5 дюйма, отображающий статус сканирования и обеспечивающий предв. просмотр
- Автовыключение питания: 3 минуты
- Порт USB: Микро-USB
- Емкость внешней памяти: Карта памяти MicroSD™ / MicroSDHC™ емкостью до 32 ГБ
- есурс аккумулятора (сканирование на карту памяти MicroSD™): 100 стр. ежедневно после перезарядки (A4, 300 точек/дюйм, цветное)
- Спецификации Wifi (только IRIScan Book 5 Wifi): Совместимость со стандартами IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2,4 ГГц
Программный пакет для Windows®
- Microsoft® Windows® 10, 8, 7, Vista®.
- ОЗУ 512 Мбайт (рекомендуется 1 Гбайт).
- Свободное место на жестком диске 300 Мбайт

Программный пакет для Mac OS®
- Mac: OS X10.10 или 10.9 и более поздние (более ранние версии не поддерживаются)
- ОЗУ 512 Мбайт (рекомендуется 1 Гбайт).
- Свободное место на жестком диске не менее 300 Мбайт.
Программный пакет для iOS®
- Требует IOS 9 или более позднюю версию.

Программный пакет для Android®
- Требует Android 4.4.4 или более позднюю версию.
Сканер IRIScan™ Book 5
- ПО Readiris™ Pro 15 для PC и Mac® на карте памяти MicroSD™
- ПО IRISCompressor Pro для PC и Mac®
- Одна карта памяти SD
- Кабель USB
- Чехол для транспортировки

//Содержимое может меняться без предварительного уведомления в зависимости от ограничений, связанных с производством и компонентами.
- Название продукта: IRIScan™ Book 5 белый/красный/бирюзовый
- SKU:
---- 458739 (белый)
---- 458740 (красный)
---- 458741 (бирюзовый)
- Код EAN:
---- 5420079900103 (белый)
---- 5420079900110 (красный)
---- 5420079900127 (бирюзовый)
- Таможенный код: 847190
- Размеры упаковки (В x Д x Г): 13,8 x 31,2 x 4,8 см
- Масса упаковки: 550 г
- Размеры сканера (В x Д x Г): 2,2 x 25,9 x 3,8 см
- Масса сканера: 153 г

- Название продукта: IRIScan™ Book 5 Wifi
- SKU: 458742
- Код EAN: 5420079900134
- Таможенный код: 847190
- Размеры упаковки (В x Д x Г): 13,8 x 31,2 x 4,8 см
- Масса упаковки: 550 г
- Размеры сканера (В x Д x Г): 2,2 x 25,9 x 3,8 см
- Масса сканера: 153 г

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