IRIS solutions for bank branches

Our proven solutions make administrative work easier for bank branch professionals.

Easily supervise each and every customer account

Whether you are a bank branch manager, bank teller, or advisor, you have to tackle lots of administrative tasks every single day. Even opening and managing customer accounts requires capturing countless (official and internal) documents, including ID cards, contracts, and certificates. Scan all of these documents in record time with versatile, high-performing IRIS scanners! Our conversion and filing software will also help you best manage your customer folders for greater quality control. Our tools will be your go-to solution for avoiding repetitive manual tasks and will free up precious time for you to focus on your core business.

Transparency and efficiency above all

Quickly complete all of your customer procedures

From opening new accounts to processing loan applications and credit cards, all of these procedures require scanning the customer’s ID card and contracts. Scan them in the blink of an eye with IRIS scanners.

Streamline the setting up of new accounts

Speed up your processes with our powerful scanning solutions. Open new accounts in a snap.

Make the most of your folder management costs

IRIS solutions make all your documents digital and simplify your filing. Paper and digital documents can be used right away, freeing up your time to devote to your many customers.

IRISPowerscan 10

Advanced solution: IRISPowerscan 10

IRISPowerscan 10 lets you capture, sort, index, and export documents as fully searchable files, eliminating errors and cutting costs.


Catalogue - IRIS Portfolio 2019

Learn about the entire IRIS line, including our software (conversion, PDF, and filing) and our scanners.

IRIScan Pro 5

IRIScan Pro 5

Best-performing duplex desktop scanner on the market



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As a branch advisor, I am the key point of contact between the bank and the customer. I need to be ready to handle all types of requests (opening and closing an account, application for a bank loan, change of address, etc.) at any moment. My IRIS scanner and its software suite allows me to be fast and flexible with my customers while updating my files, which can be significant in this highly competitive sector.


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