What is OCR ?

Optical Character recognition is the process that converts image or PDF into an editable text files

They use IRIS’ OCR:
Optical Character Recognition
“OCR” is the abbreviation of “Optical Character Recognition’’, it describes the process whereby an image is captured of a paper document after which the text is ”extracted” from that image.
Hence, paper documents are converted into editable computer files. And that’s precisely what text recognition is all about: entering texts into your computer without retyping them. After all, as efficient as computers are, you have to key in your information first!
40 times faster than manual retyping

Document recognition is easily 40 times faster than manual retyping. To quote just one hard figure: a (very) fast secretary types some 200 characters per minute the fastest OCR software recognizes some 1,600 characters per second on a “decent” PC.

Layout and Table Recognition
You should interpret the word “document” in the broadest sense of the word. The layout of your source document can be recreated so that you don’t have to format your text again. When you have tables of figures to recapture, you can use OCR too. Reading tables is as good an application as capturing texts. Furthermore, you could easily take the point of view that reading tables makes even more sense than OCRing a text: retyping tables is about the most cumbersome typing job you can do. And when boredom kicks in, typos are right around the corner...
Readiris 16, OCR software
Readiris 16 automatically converts text from paper documents, images or PDF into fully editable files without having to perform all the tedious retyping work!
The optical character recognition (OCR) technology used in Readiris 16 allows very accurate document recognition while preserving the original page layout.
This software will make it very easy to convert PDF to Word, images to text, PDF to Excel, merge PDF and many more!
IRIS OCR, 30 years of development
I.R.I.S. company launched its first OCR engine in 1987 and has always been a world leader in OCR technologies. More than 250 software companies are using I.R.I.S.’ recognition tools in their products and solutions.
Readiris software has always been I.R.I.S.’ flagship OCR product. It’s being used by thusands of poeple across the world and considered as an industry leader by the press.
Since 2013, I.R.I.S. became a proud member of the Canon group.
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I.R.I.S.' flagship OCR software comes in two versions.