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Take Care of Your Patient Relations and Seize the True Opportunities of the Digital Pharmacy.

Dematerialization as a Way to Optimize Patient Relations with the Pharmacist

As a pharmacist, you play a key role in connected, dematerialized health. Your advisory function is essential. Yet, the digital pharmacy has become a reality that is growing year after year. Patients are more and more mobile and connected and request services and facilities matching their digital maturity.

Prescription digitization, invoices, patient ID cards, insurance statements, dematerialization of exchanges between pharmacists and physicians, you name it … digitization offers many benefits to pharmacies.

Prioritize Your Patient Relations by Optimizing Your Administrative Management

Leverage Data to Give Better Advice to Your Patients

IRIS’ business products and solutions facilitate patient-pharmacist relations. Technologies like digitization, document conversion into editable Word, Excel and other formats, save a lot of precious time in managing, archiving, and processing the documents in your pharmacy: prescriptions, patient ID cards, insurance statements, medication schedules, etc

As far as e-prescription is concerned, it will help you utilizing digitization and the conversion of other information like oxygen, prescribed medical equipment, magistral formulas, etc. It will allow a smart follow-up of your patients’ treatments. And you will be able to leverage resources to provide them with ever-improving counsel and service.

Dematerialization to Gain Accuracy and Productivity

Digitization and the conversion of free text on e-prescriptions are also optimizing patient relations by enabling the pharmacist to track the patients’ treatment history precisely and comprehensively. Which will accelerate their administrative management, in particular regarding reimbursements and treatment regimen.

Digitize Patient Data and Check Them in Real Time

Finally, IRIS’ scanners and software allow you to digitize, convert, sort and index medical data of various natures. Pharmacies improve their archive management and classification and have immediate, simple and authenticated access to medical reports, medical correspondence, lab test results, and insurance statements.

Portable Scanner

IRIS’ Portable Scanners – Technology in Support of Pharmacists

Our range of portable scanners offers a set of functionalities that meets the business needs of pharmacies: digitization and conversion (single page feed or high volume feed), extraction of lines of text, and instantaneous translation (e.g. free text on prescriptions), conversion of medical schedules, treatment regimens, etc. to Word and Excel….

Prescription médicale

Prescription Automation, the Consecration of the Digital Pharmacy

At a time when clients and patients are getting used to have everything available, immediately, with no intermediaries, is automated prescription a real asset for pharmacies? Is it fostering patient-pharmacist relationships?

PDF Software

Conversion Software to Increase Productivity

IRIS’s conversion software boosts your productivity. Our offer enables you to scan, edit, and share digital files. Our solutions perfectly fit in the pharmaceutical work environment. You save considerable time every day.



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What a beautiful discovery this iriscan Anywhere! Very small, transportable where I want, super easy to use, no more day without using it at the counter of my pharmacy! CPAS health cards, attestations, outpatient medication regimens, no need to photocopy and then classify: I scan and link the file to my patient's pharmaceutical file immediately! A real time saver to sort ... and then to retrieve a document! To discover without hesitation!.


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