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Leverage the Power of PDF & OCR Tools and Gain Efficiency in Your Real Estate Management.

Refocus on Your Core Businesses

The real estate industry (realtors, agents, property managers, lessors, public housing managers…) also experiences the full force of digital transformation and regulatory inflation. Administrative management and document classification optimization, digitization of business processes, productivity increase, template standardization…

Luckily, technological innovation comes to the rescue, in particular in terms of OCR and information digitization, but also with a rich range of PDF tools: annotations and comments, edition and completion, electronic signature. As such, IRIS’ products and solutions actually enable you to achieve success and competitiveness with your data and document dematerialization. They provide you with a safe way to refocus your efforts on expertise, real estate transactions, lease management, client relations, regulatory compliance, etc

Exponentialize the Benefits of Dematerialization

Economies of scale by storing and archiving your contracts and leases

Above all, dematerialization and OCR enable you to reduce the volume of physical documents circulating within your organization: expert reports, purchase agreements, disclosure statements, property record cards, rental leases…

More efficient and cost-effective, dematerialization allows all the market players to better manage and organize contracts, certificates, blueprints, general assembly reports and other official documents. And to have them handy anytime, anywhere. In an up-to-date consolidated version.

A Significant Increase in Efficiency and Excellence

Document classification optimization is not merely about decreasing paper and increasing productivity. It’s also about reducing lost documents and allowing real-time data processing.

For instance, storing all your templates (contracts, leases, expert reports, certificates…) in a centralized space enables your teams, mobile or not, to access them whenever needed, rapidly and easily. They can edit them, fill them out and get them signed, and then directly store them in the right place, on this shared disk space

In so doing, all your agency or firm coworkers can refocus on their true added value. And be actively listening to their clients again. Because this agility also translates into more transparency and faster processing of requests, i.e. optimization of customer relations.

Instantaneous Information and Maximal Mobility

Setting up document templates allows tasks and processes standardization and increases the quality and reliability of data, exchanges and transactions.

Indeed, the use of document digitization and conversion, as well as document edition and electronic signature, etc., reduces the risk of data entry errors and increases data security.

IRIS scanners

IRIS, Products that Meet Your Business Needs

IRIScan Anywhere 5, IRISNotes Air 3, IRISPen Air 7, IRISscan Pro 5, our extensive range of portable scanners, offer a set of functionalities suitable for the real estate industry: digitization and conversion (single page feed or high volume feed), text extraction, and instantaneous translation, digital conversion of your handwritten notes, audio conversion of your expert reports and property descriptions...

IRISPowerscan 10

IRISPowerscan, High-performance Business Software

Within our range of OCR software, you will appreciate IRISPowerscan. It assists all the real estate players to optimize their document flow. Social security cards and driving licenses, business cards, pay slips, or any other official documents - IRISPowerscan enables you to capture, sort, index and export rapidly any type of document in any format, fully searchable and compliant.

Transition numérique

Real Estate: 5 Tips Towards Digital Conversion

Technological innovation and digitization of real estate services require an analysis and a comparison of opportunities in line with the resources, means and strategies of the organization. Read our 5 tips to maximize the benefits of information dematerialization in the real estate industry.



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I recommend the wireless IRIScan anywhere to any agent or broker in the real estate industry! I always have it with me on my travels. And I use it whenever needed: open houses, signing of purchase agreements... I scan everything: my clients’ pictures, business cards… Then, back at the office, I download the files onto my computer and organize them correctly. I can even translate and edit text just in one click. It’s saving tremendous amounts of time and paper.


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