IRISPen 6: frequently asked questions
1. I do not have any CD-ROM drive. How can I install the software?
A CD-ROM drive is part of the minimum system requirements indicated on the box.
However, if you do not have a CD drive, you can still copy the content of the installation disc to a USB stick or transfer the files from another computer with a network connection
If you just need the driver, you can download it from here

2. Cannot install my IRISPen™ on Windows Vista/7

Current version
Windows Vista/ 7 reduce the potential of security breaches in the system by using a feature called User Account Control (UAC). It forces users that are part of the local administrators group to run like they were regular users with no administrative privileges. This service actually blocks the installation even though you've authorized it. These are the step to take to solve the problem

1/ Uninstall the IRIS software from your computer.
2/ Disable the UAC:

Windows Vista
1. To disable the UAC Launch MSCONFIG by from the Run menu. If run is not present then right click on the Start button and choose properties. Click on customize and select run from the list.
2. Click on the Tools tab. Scroll down till you find "Disable UAC" . Click on that line.
3. Press the Launch button.
4. A black window will open saying "Operation Successful". You can close it.
5. Close MSCONFIG. You need to reboot the computer for changes to apply.

Note that you can re-enable UAC by selecting the "Enable UAC" line and then clicking on the Launch button

Windows 7
1. To disable the UAC Launch MSCONFIG by from the Run menu. If run is not present then right click on the Start button and choose properties. Click on customize and select run from the list.
2. Click on the Tools tab. Scroll down till you find "Change User Account Control settings" . Click on that line.
3. Press the Launch button.
4. Move the slider down to "Never notify" and click OK.
5. You need to reboot the computer for changes to apply.

3/ Reinstall the IRISPen software.

Older versions
Gray model with 3 blue buttons with serial number beginning with IP31BG... or IP31CG...
To find your serial number, please check the sticker on the usb connector:

To use this model with Windows Vista/7, you will need to upgrade to the latest version of the software, IRISPen™ 6.
This software upgrade is available on our website.
Older models are not compatible.

Drivers (only) can be downloaded from here

3. I cannot click on Continue button, it is greyed out
To activate this button, you have to scroll down (and preferably read) the licence agreement.

4. I get : "Attention! A violation of your license agreement was found"
I get this message when launching the @Promt software.

The installation of the software will require use of the original disk that came with software package you purchased. In addition, if you are trying to install the software from an external drive or from a network, this device should be shared to the computer where installation is to be done (this requirement is also mentioned in read-me file).

To resolve the situation it is necessary to re-install the program following the rules listed above.

5. Error 1607/1628 during the installation process
These errors are related to the InstallShield wizard software, which is not engineered by I.R.I.S.
For more information about this issue, please visit
Microsoft also give some useful tips to solve these errors at

6. Can I use an external USB hub with the hardware
External USB hubs can be used with the IRIS hardware. However, when you use an external hub, you MUST power it by an external power supply module.
You have to check that the USB hub supports an output current of 500mA on each of it ports. Self-powered hubs and some powered hubs may not provide enough power for the hardware. Old laptops may not provide enough power on the USB port, in this case USB hubs with external power supply can solve the problem

7) My IRISPen™ is not working. No light appears?
# Plug your pen into a USB port directly into your computer. An un-powered hub will not work because it does not supply enough power to run the pen. If you get a window saying “New Hardware Found”, click next to install it. You might get the message "This software has not passed Windows logo testing", click Continue Anyway. Windows will tell you the installation is complete. You can then start using your pen. If you don’t see anything after plugging in the pen, follow next steps.

# Go to: Start > Control Panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager > Imaging Devices. You should see IRISPen listed there. Double-click it. On Device Status, you should see "This device is working properly". If there is any error message regarding drivers, click Reinstall Driver. Simply keep clicking next on the window that pops up to install the driver. If you see the message "This software has not passed Windows logo testing", click Continue Anyway. When you receive the message saying the driver installation is done.

# On laptops and some desktops the power management shuts of the power to the USB ports when the system goes into hibernation or standby. To fix go to Start > Control Panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager > USB Host Controller > USB Root Hubs. Right click on each hub and choose properties. Go to the far right hand tab and uncheck "Allow Windows to turn off the device to save power," checkbox

# Open your IRISPen application and start scanning

8) Can I use my IRISPen™ with Readiris™?
No. IRISPen™ & Readiris™ are two different products for two different purposes and don’t interact with each other.

9) My IRISPen™ types in garbage/garbled text
Please check if you are scanning correctly:
  • Calibrate the pen periodically and always when you're asked to do so. You can do it clicking Options > Calibrate.
  • Keep a straight line when scanning - no "waving" or tilting at all.
  • Make sure you have a lit, solid green light on the bottom of the pen while scanning.
  • Note that the pen has an angle in the bottom. Make sure the pen is completely flat on the paper while scanning.
  • Note that you should take around 3-4 seconds to scan one line in a letter-size paper in portrait format and 12-point font.
  • If you are right-handed, make sure you do not have Options > Left-handed checked on the Pen application. If you are left-handed, check that option, but remember that you should then scan from right to left, and not left to right.
  • Shaded text or multi-color background will heavily drop the accuracy. The accuracy should reach 95-100% scanning ordinary pages from a book or similar materials if you follow these instructions.
  • If you have IRISPen™ 6 or later, and you still have trouble: Click File > Reset to Factory Settings on the Pen Software.
  • Use the Small Print option when scanning text below font size 9.
  • You may want to practice a little bit by clicking Options>Scan Test on the IRISPen™ window.
  • When you're finished testing, close the window and scan to desired application.
  • You need good quality documents to get high accuracy recognition. If the original document is hard to read or if the letters are broken, faded or touching each other, you won't be able to get high accuracy.
10) There is a red line on the IRISPen icon in the notification area
When the IRISpen™ is running there will be an icon in the notification area on the far right hand side of the taskbar. Below is trouble shooting steps to take if you see a red diagonal line over the icon.

If there is no such line and the pen is working but producing poor results go to File > Reset to Factory Settings and recalibrate the pen. Within the pen software go to Options > Scan Test and scan a line of text. You should see an image of the text and immediately below that will be the OCR results. Once that is confirmed click OK out of that window and again out the main pen window. The software will minimize to the notification area on the far right hand side of the task bar. At that point it is just a matter of opening the application where you want the text to appear and scan with the pen instead of typing with the keyboard.

If there is a red diagonal line over the icon it means that the driver is not loaded. Make sure that the pen is plugged directly into a USB port directly on the computer, a Hub or docking station will not supply enough power to run the pen.

On Windows XP
Go to Control panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager > Imaging devices and look for the IRISPen™. If it has a yellow exclamation or question mark on it then right click and choose update driver.
In Device Manager to down to the bottom entry; Universal Serial Bus Controllers. Click on the plus sign and right click on each USB Root Hub and choose Properties. Go to the Power Management tab on the far right and uncheck the "Allow Windows to turn off this device to save power" box. Restart the computer for this to take effect.

On Vista/Windows 7
You need to disable the User Access Control to unblock the driver, using the steps below.
Go to Start > Search box and type in MSCONFIG. The system configuration window will open. Go to the tools tab and look for the disable UAC entry. Highlight and click on launch. Close the resultant Dos window and then click OK. Restart the computer for it to take effect.
Windows 7
Go to Start > Search and type in; UAC. Click on Change User Account Control settings. Move the slider all the way down and then restart the computer. You can re-enable the UAC once the product is up and running.

Right-click on the IRISPen™ program shortcut and select properties. On the Shortcut Tab click the advanced button and check the "Run as administrator" checkbox.

11) I get "Bulk Read size Error" during the calibration process
A patch has been released to fix this problem. To download it, click here

12) Pen unplugged, driver unloaded
This message appears when launching the application.

To solve this, proceed as follows:
- Unplug and replug the pen
- If the pen is still not recognized, restart the Mac with the IRISPen plugged in and re-launches the application.
- If the driver unload message comes, try another USB port

If the problem persists
- Uninstall IRISPen™ by using the uninstall option of the installer on the cd. Check manually if there are traces left from the previous installation.
(IRISPen folder in the Application folder and the "IRISPenDriver" in HD > System > Library > Extensions

-Empty the trash.
- Re-install the IRISPen™ Software.
- Launch the software and connect the pen. If the driver unload message comes, unplug and replug the pen.
- You may test the pen on another Mac, to see if the problem is related to the computer or to the IRISPen™

13) Installer quit unexpectedly
This error message is generated when launching the IRISPen installer.
This issue occurs with CD numbers :
* 07/053
* 07/054
* 07/055
* 07/087
* 07/088
* 07/089

Contact us via our contact form at to receive an updated version of the installer.

14) Error - 5000
This error is related to the permissions. The installer cannot install the files because he cannot access one of the folders.

To correct the problem you should :
- Install and use it as full administrator.
- Verify and repair the volumes permissions using the Disk utility : Applications > Utilities > Disk utility

NOTE: We recommend you to consult the Apple support regarding the change of the permissions for the folders mentioned above. Changing permissions at this level may have other effects on the system