Support Policies


- I.R.I.S. provides technical support to registered users. Registration is based on email addresses. You can register your product here.
- Please note that many issues can be solved by consulting the Quick User Guide, Help manuals or the Technical Support section on this website.
- Technical support is provided by webform or email.

Product Supported

I.R.I.S. provides technical support for registered users of all I.R.I.S. products. Technical support is available for the current version and the previous version of a software product. Below is a list of products for which technical information is available on this website.

SOHO Products
The products listed below are categorized by family. Support will be provided for all subcategories of the products listed, including software which are bundled with other products.
• Readiris™ 15 / 14 & 12
• IRISCompressor™
• IRISPen™ 7* & 6*
• IRISCard™Anywhere / Cardiris™ 5* & 4*
• IRIScan™ 3: Book, Anywhere, Express, Pro series**
• IRIScan™ 2: Book, Anywhere, Express, Executive series**
• IRISNotes™ 2 & 1
• IRIScan Mouse™

* Hardware components of these products are covered by 2 years warranty.
**This is a software package. Support is provided for the individual products as listed.

Professional Products
For the products below technical support is provided in accordance with the maintenance agreement included in the product :
• IRISDocument™ Server 9
• IRISPdf™ Server 7.2
• IRISPowerscan™ 9
• IRISCapture™ for Invoices / Forms 8.5


Software Support does not cover:
• Modifications made to the standard Software application by Licensee or third parties
• Applications developed by Licensee or third parties, Products, services or functionality not provided by I.R.I.S.
• The use of an operating system or any software or hardware or networking system(s) not approved by I.R.I.S.
• Interconnection or integration of the Programs with products not designated Certified or Supported by I.R.I.S.
• Use of the Programs in a manner for which they were not designed
• It will be assumed that users of this service are generally familiar with the use of microcomputers
• I.R.I.S may restrict the use of this service if the Licensee repeatedly makes requests for information which is contained in the User Guide, Manual, and FAQ

I.R.I.S. retains the right to modify this Technical Support Conditions.