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Readiris 17 is a global solution to convert, edit and transform all your paper documents into a variety of digital formats, in a few clicks, intuitively. It also lets you merge and split, annotate, compress and sign your PDFs.

As from $99.00 $248.00

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Spring Offer: free book scanner with Readiris OCR Software Purchase

Introducing the ultimate portable book scanner for all your document scanning needs. With this powerful device, you can easily scan books, newspapers, syllabus, magazines, and more in just a few seconds. And the best part? The scanned content is captured in high definition up to 1200 PPP, allowing you to rework it in popular formats like Word, Excel, and PDF using Readiris.

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Choose your Readiris version

Discover the advanced functionalities that Readiris 17 will bring to your productivity! Compare the two available versions: Readiris™ Pro 17 & Readiris™ Corporate 17 all available with lifetime licenses.

- 55%

Readiris Pro 17


IRIScan Book 5
  • Scan
  • OCR
  • DOCX
  • XLSX
  • Audio
  • Merge
  • Highlight
  • Watermark
  • Protect & Sign
  • Watched Folders
  • Batch OCR
  • Split
Lifetime license - 1
- 50%

Readiris Corporate 17


IRIScan Book 5
  • Scan
  • OCR
  • DOCX
  • XLSX
  • Audio
  • Merge
  • Highlight
  • Watermark
  • Protect & Sign
  • Watched Folders
  • Batch OCR
  • Split
Lifetime license - 1

Readiris 17 in action

Discover all the features of Readiris 17 in videos.

Convert to Word

Readiris 17 provides the best conversion on the market of all your documents to Microsoft Word files.

Convert to PDF

Thanks to its user-friendly interface, Readiris 17 lets you convert all your documents to PDF format.

Convert to Audio

Do you want to convert your documents to audio files (Wav or MP3)? Readiris 17 is the solution for you.

Convert to Ebook/epub

With Readiris 17, convert your documents and books to EPUB format for easy reading on your e-reader.

Convert to Text

Readiris 17 lets you extract the text from many documents.

Convert to Excel

Convert your PDF tables to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets thanks to Readiris 17.

Twain scanner compatibility

Readiris 17 is compatible with most scanners on the market. The Twain specification allows direct compatibility.

Multi-format import

Readiris 17 lets you import many different formats, such as: PDF, JPEG, DOC, RTF, JPEG, PNG, PPT, …

Scan from your all-in-one copier

Readiris 17 lets you scan with your all-in-one copier.

Right-click to convert & export

Readiris 17 lets you convert and export your documents with a single right-click of your mouse. It's fast and easy!

More than 130 languages

Readiris 17 recognizes more than 130 languages. It uses proprietary dictionaries, making it incredibly accurate.

Automatic image correction and rotation

Readiris 17 lets you adjust and rotate documents that are tilted or upside down.

Text correction

Readiris 17 lets you correct the text in a document before exporting it. It's a real time-saver!

Reorganizing a document

The power of Readiris 17 lets you reorganise your documents very quickly.

Editing in a text editor (Word, Notepad, etc.)

Because Readiris 17 exports to Word, Notepad, Page, Writer, etc., your documents are editable quickly and easily.

Text embedded in image

You have been dreaming of being able to modify a text embedded in an image? Readiris 17 will make that dream come true.

Text annotation

Thanks to Readiris 17, you can add comments and annotations to your PDF documents.

Audio annotation

One of the many PDF features of Readiris 17 is the ability to save audio commentary in your PDF documents.

Edit a PDF

Need to update the text of a PDF file? Thanks to Readiris 17, you can modify your document in a few seconds.

Compress a PDF

Reduce the size of your PDF files in a few clicks. Up to 50 times more compact, thanks to IRIS iHQC technology.

Protect and sign a PDF

Password-protect your PDF files and sign your PDF documents electronically.

Split and merge a PDF

Merge and combine PDF files and put them in the order you want. It's very easy and fast! Select the page range, separate a page, or convert each page of the document into an independent PDF file.

Annotate a PDF (highlighting, underlining, strikethrough)

You can highlight, underline, or strike through text in a PDF with Readiris 17.

Watermark on PDF

Why put a watermark in your PDF files? You can apply a "Confidential" watermark to pages containing sensitive information, for example.


Thanks to Readiris Corporate 17, use PDF/A format for the storage and long-term archiving of your electronic documents.

Higher compression

Readiris Corporate 17 lets you achieve unrivalled compression levels.

Batch conversion of files

This incredible feature of Readiris Corporate 17 lets you convert different documents in specific folders.

Watched folders

Thanks to the watched folders feature of Readiris Corporate 17, when you place a file to be converted in a selected folder, it is automatically converted and exported.

Several languages on the same page

Readiris Corporate 17 can recognise up to five languages in a single document.

Export to SharePoint/Therefore/FTP

Readiris Corporate 17 can export to Therefore, FTP & SharePoint.

You have questions? We have the answers.

Purchasing Readiris™ 17

You can use most online payment methods available on the market: Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, American Express, Maestro, etc. Payment by bank transfer is also available in certain countries. Payment methods differ according to your location.
When you buy products from our online shop, all of the data exchanged is sent via a secure connection. All the information you input is encrypted using the SSL protocol, and is therefore protected from disclosure to third parties. The padlock icon in the lower right-hand corner (Internet Explorer) or the upper left-hand corner (Firefox) of your browser indicates that SSL encryption is enabled. To find out whether the page is protected, you can also check that the URL displayed in the address bar starts with “https: “.
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Available payment options by country:
  • North America: Online credit card, PayPal.
  • Other countries: Online credit card, PayPal, and bank transfer
Readiris™ 17 will be delivered to you via download. The download instructions are provided in the order confirmation screen and the order confirmation e-mail. If you choose this option, no CD is sent, but you can download the software later, whenever you wish. The product manual and all other available documentation are included, in Adobe PDF format.

IRIScan Book 5 will be delivered to the shipping address encoded in your order.
- US/Canada : Fedex (3-7 days) Possible delays due to yearly inventory
- Europe : DHL Express (2-3 days)
- Rest of world : DHL Express (2-5 days)
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Operating systems & Readiris™ 17 licences

Yes, this software is compatible with both operating systems. When placing your order, you must choose the appropriate version for your operating system (Windows or Mac). To install it on both operating systems at the same time, please buy a separate licence for each one.

Recommended operating system versions:

  • Windows 7 or later
  • Mac OS X 10.15 or later

Here is the list of the unique licences available:

  • Readiris™ Pro 17 for Windows
  • Readiris™ Pro 17 for Mac
  • Readiris™ Corporate 17 for Windows
  • Readiris™ Corporate 17 for Mac
These unique licences have lifetime validity, on one computer at a time.

We also offer multi-licence packages that are good value:

  • Readiris™ Pro 17: Family Pack including four licences (available for Windows & Mac)
  • Readiris™ Corporate 17: SMB Pack including four licences (available for Windows & Mac)

Readiris™ 17 comes with a perpetual licence, with no time limit. You will never need to make another payment, and you can keep the software indefinitely. So, no nasty surprises.

Using Readiris™ 17

Because of its extended ultra compatibility, you can use Readiris™ 17 with the majority of scanners available on the market. The TWAIN specification allows direct compatibility; Readiris™ 17 is therefore a reliable addition to any scanner (of any make).

On Windows
1 GHz processor or above. Multicore processor recommended. At least 400 MB available disk space. Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7. 32 or 64 bits. Windows 7 or later recommended.

On Mac
Mac computer equipped with an Intel 64-bit processor. At least 400 MB available disk space. Mac OS X 10.15 or later version. Earlier versions of the Mac OS operating system are not handled.

A Readiris™ 17 licence can be used on just one computer at a time. Buying a licence and using it on several computers at the same time is not allowed.
If you want to install Readiris™ 17 on several computers, please buy a separate licence for each machine. You can also choose one of our great-value multi-licence packages:
  • Readiris™ Pro 17: Family Pack including four licences (available for Windows & Mac).
  • Readiris™ Corporate 17: SMB Pack including four licences (available for Windows & Mac),