IRIS software suite

PDF editing software
Readiris PDF

Readiris PDF is a powerful optical character recognition (OCR) based PDF software that converts any scanned file, image or document into editable text file and indextensible PDF file. Use IRIS' famous conversion software to avoid wasting valuable time encoding information in your documents. Readiris PDF offers a wide range of conversion formats, including Word, Excel, PDF (indexed or not), HTML, TXT, ePub... and more

Capture and classification software

These software will help perform long and tedious daily administrative tasks faster than ever. Any person or company that wants to quickly scan, capture and file their numerous papers or electronic files will find these software to be great allies! What to boost your productivity and optimize your costs.


Scanning and data capture software.

IRISPowerscan enables the capture, sorting, indexing and exporting of documents as fully searchable files, eliminating errors and reducing costs, while increasing productivity. It offers a single solution for capturing data from a variety of channels (paper, files or email attachments).

Software dedicated to business cards

Are you tired of piling up your paper business cards without ever exploiting their potential? Want to scan your business cards and convert them into digital contacts? Look no further! Cardiris scans them and exports them as digital contacts to your favorite platforms: Outlook Address Books, Microsoft CRM or even Salesforce, Google Contacts and more.