IRIScan Desk 6 reinventing the document scanner So much more than a
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Digitalize All in a Snap with IRIScan Desk 6 Pocket Book Scanner! The IRIScan Desk 6 is the most economical pocketbook scanner. Your scanning process can be as simple and easy as feeding your document into the IRIScan Desk 6. It will scan all your documents, books and turn them into searchable content. IRIScan Desk 6's unique structure, functioning, and application ensure a successful fusion of technologies, facilitating storing, managing, and accessing word documents.
Revolutionary document scanner, that Scan , edit and convert pocketbooks, magazines, documents, to digital files No need to unbind books !
IRIScan document scanner offers a user-friendly and efficient way to archive books, loose papers, and your favorite print magazine. Ideal for scanning texts and pictures without having the hassle of setting up complicated directory structures. This document scanner is easy and convenient to use, fully automates the process for you.
Document camera for Creating web tutorials IRIScan Desk 6 creates web tutorials, online demos, and video tutorials with crystal clear audio. It has a document camera of up to 12 MP* and a lens of up to zoom 12x that captures crisp images and detailed text. In addition, the IRIScan™ Desk 6 works with Zoom, Skype, and Google so that you can easily connect with your remote audience.
Make distance learning more accessible The pocket book scanner supports remote learning sessions. It provides an additional and mobile classroom to an instructor's traditional curriculum. In addition, its innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology—like finger removal, auto-page-turn detection, text to speech word by word—makes learning easier for students.
Help dyslexic people to improve their reading disability IRIScan™ Desk 6 is the ideal reading aid for dyslexic people. Thanks to the unique Text To Speech technology. It will read aloud any document (Microsoft Word, PDF, text files, web pages, or scanned documents) word by word! It allows you to read and listen in parallel word by word to any document. Thus, this tool is ideal for language work and any other work requiring extensive reading use.
IRIScan Desk 6 – Scan 1 page in less than 1 sec. An revolutionary pocket book & document scanner that does more than scan! The IRIScan™ Desk 6 is trusted by professionals worldwide to convert paper into searchable text. It is convenient and easy to use. Try it Today.
IRISCan Desk 6 Top-Notch Features IRIScan Desk 6 latest innovation is chock-full of incredible features that make this document scanner your one-stop shop for all of your scanning needs.
Artificial Intelligence
The Desk 6 features several AI features, including:
Book curve image-flattening - There is no need to worry about the inability to read the edges of a page due to the curve of a book. AI technology will flatten out the curves as if they were never there.
Fingers removal - You do not want fingerprints on important documents. With fingers removal, any unwanted prints will disappear.
Auto detect page & auto turn detection - Easily detects when a page is turned and starts to scan automatically so that there.
Text to speech - Read and listen simultaneously word by word on any document. This is a fantastic tool for those who are Dyslexic!
Direct Scan Capabilities & No need of unbinding Books
Unbinding and Tearing the binds of pages to be scanned is most of the time a necessary evil in order to get a quality copy. However, with IRIScan Desk 6, all books, magazines, and paper documents to A4 & letter size can be scanned directly. Its efficiency means that documents can be scanned at the lightning-quick rate of 1 page per second!
Lifetime Free PDF & OCR Software IRIScan Desk 6 software OCR supports 138 languages. It converts your scanned documents to editable Word/PDF/Excel/TIFF or JPG