Management and tracking of return merchandise authorisations (RMA)

Our solutions optimise and simplify return merchandise authorisation (RMA) centre work processes.

Accelerate your procedures and your exchanges

Every return merchandise authorisation involves a large number of documents (RMA, invoices, tickets and/or receipts). Digitise and encode all of these documents automatically in just a few seconds. IRIS scanners and software facilitate the dematerialisation and automatic processing of every one of these documents. Boost your everyday efficiency and customer satisfaction!

Improve customer satisfaction

No more manual encoding

Encoding RMA data and customer-related data yourself can often lead to errors. With IRIS solutions, you can scan, capture, and process all of this data accurately and reliably.

Refocus on the basics

Spend less time on red tape: automate the encoding of RMAs and devote more time to answering your customers and colleagues.

Efficient archiving and centralisation

Archive and centralise every captured and processed document. Perform quality tracking thanks to the data extracted from the documents. Centralise all of this data on the platform of your choice.

IRISPowerscan 10

Automate your processes

IRISPowerscan is an ultra-complete document capture and processing solution. It lets you automate a large number of time-consuming internal processes.


Catalogue - IRIS Portfolio 2020

Learn about the entire IRIS range! It includes our software packages (conversion, PDF, and filing). It also includes all of our scanners.

IRIScan Desk Security

IRIScan Pro 5

The best-performing duplex desktop scanner on the market.



Hear what people are saying about us!

When we grant a return merchandise authorisation (with a view to repair, replacement, or refund), several documents are involved in the process. It's easy to get lost and make mistakes. Since getting an IRIS scanner coupled with IRISPowerscan, we process every RMA quickly. The reliable and accurate data extraction has really won me over. Now I just couldn't do without it!


Employee in a department that handles RMAs

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