IRIS XClassify SDK

IRIS XClassify SDK helps developers to integrate data extraction and document sorting into their applications. Trust IRIS' 30+ years experience in OCR technologies.

The perfect SDK for document classification

IRIS XClassify SDK is the best answer to developers’ needs for an exhaustive solution in terms of data capture and extraction, and document sorting and categorization. It relies on various types of classification technologies, for various environments.

Very easy to train, tune and classify

IRIS XClassify SDK works on a simple three-step process: collecting samples of different document types to create classification models, tuning the classification scenarios, and getting the automatically sorted document batches right.

IRIS XClassify SDK, a powerful data capture and classification SDK to work faster and smarter

Improved responsiveness and business processes

Improved customer and supplier satisfaction

More control on information flow

IRIS XClassify SDK, a unique set of features

Straightforward classification setup

  • With IRIS XClassify SDK, configure an extensive classification scenario in just a few clicks.
  • Whatever the number of document types, just feed IRISXtract™ with a few sample documents of each type. The system trains itself automatically.

A unique classification concept

IRISXtract combines 3 different classification mechanisms to ensure the highest performance possible:

  • A rule-based classification,
  • A statistical analysis, and
  • A geometric pattern matching.

Free-form and template-based extraction

IRISXtract combines 3 different classification mechanisms to ensure the highest performance possible:

  • IRIS XClassify SDK captures both structured and unstructured documents.
  • Data extraction rules depend on the document type defined during the classification step.

Database lookups

IRIS XClassify SDK can use your reference data to improve the classification and the extraction quality.

Easy integration into your systems

Based on their type and content, documents and the data captured are routed to the right business processes for fast and easy access.

30+ years experience in OCR technologies. Do business with IRIS!

We own all the intellectual property of our technologies

We provide long-term support

We offer simple integration (both for the integrator and the user)

We have many different ways/proposals to do OEM

We provide very quick and easy deployments to highly demanding integrations

They trust us

We chose IRIS for their excellent classification results, transparency, speed, and the usability of XClassify.

- Henri Koks, Analyst, CZ