IRIS Mobile OCR SDK enables developers to easily integrate imaging features and OCR capabilities into their mobile applications. Rely on IRIS' 30+ years experience in OCR technologies.

A modular Mobile OCR SDK

IRIS mobile OCR Software development kit allows developers to create custom mobile imaging applications to convert all pictures and images into indexed and editable documents for iOS and Android.

With IRIS Mobile OCR SDK, pick & pay only for what you need

IRIS Mobile OCR software toolkit enables developers to choose from various modules and implement them in your own application, creating your own mobile imaging solutions. Converting data, capturing and retrieving documents, reading and translating texts in 137+ languages.

Affordable OCR toolkit

30+ years of IRIS technology in data recognition and output

A complete imaging & preprocessing solution

Powerful text recognition and barcode recognition technologies

A rich document output solution

Create a custom OCR mobile application with the best IRIS recognition technologies

Best Quality Mobile Recognition

From entry-level imaging software to a complete mobile data processing platform for tablets, smartphones and any mobile devices.

Feature Rich

Improve scanned images with powerful image cleaning tools; deskew scanned text, detect its orientation, and much more.

Easy to install and use

Develop a complete mobile OCR solution in a few hours thanks to demo applications and included sample codes for iOS and Android.

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What are the key features of IRIS Mobile OCR SDK that developers can benefit from?

Imaging module

  • Capturing images and pictures automatically with the mobile device camera.
  • Load and save pictures in BMP, PNG, TIFF, PDF and JPEG.
  • Use JPEG2000 and JBIG2 compression, with a separate extension.

Pre-processing module

  • Automated border detection and 3D correction, to straighten the image.
  • IQA (Intelligent Quality Assessment) technology to determine the image quality for OCR.
  • Various optimization features like adaptive binarization, despeckle filters, deskew feature, and document rotation.
  • Dark border removal, line removal and color dropout are available in a separate extension.

Text recognition

IRIS Mobile OCR SDK provides very fast and accurate optical character recognition, based on our extensive experience in OCR technology, in 137+ languages, with various add-ons, including Asian languages (CJK).
See full list of languages here.

Document output

Document output formats in our standard mobile OCR SDK are: PDF, PDF/A, HTML, XML, RTF, TXT, ODT, WordML, SpreadsheetML, CSV, DOCX, XLSX and XPS. An additional compression module generates compressed files using our iHQC technology in PDF and XPS.

30+ years experience in OCR technologies. Do business with IRIS!

We own all the intellectual property of our technologies

We provide long-term support

We are cross-platform (Windows, OS X, Linux®, iOS, Android)

We can adapt our software to meet the standards of any OS or platform (ex. MFPs)

We offer simple integration (both for the integrator and the user)

We have many different ways/proposals to do OEM

We provide very quick and easy deployments to highly demanding integrations


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Evernote helps people work more effectively by creating a single workspace for all their daily tasks. Digitizing documents and written notes is often an integral part of that. With I.R.I.S.‘s best-of-breed OCR engine, we‘re able to more quickly and accurately extract text from those images, making them instantly searchable and accessible, across devices, at work, home or on the go.

- Dave Engberg, CTO Evernote