IRISXtract™ data extraction toolkit

With IRISXtract™ SDK, put the power of I.R.I.S technologies into your own application. Use it as a Multi-Application and/or a Multi-Tenancy Application.

A powerful SDK for data capture & extraction

IRISXtract™ SDK is a data extraction toolkit made for developers seeking a “Content to Process” platform solution. I.R.I.S.’ highly powerful, scalable data processing and document extraction toolkit intelligently extracts, classifies and routs critical data from a variety of document sources.

Pre-configured packages

IRISXtract™ SDK is available with predefined configurations to recognize and classify documents for well-defined vertical needs. Each of its solution packages can be adapted to your specific needs.

IRISXtract™ SDK is more efficient and faster than any manual processing

Intelligently extracts, sorts and routs relevant data from unstructured and structured documents to your business applications

Fast and automatic paperless processing of the best quality, in any language, for any document type and format, and any business process

Very stable and reliable verification features to check that the extracted fields and data match the original

IRISXtract™ SDK, a Platform concept

IRISXtract™ SDK has been conceived as a flexible solution platform. Developers can use it as a Multi-Application or a Multi-Tenancy Application, to host different solutions simultaneously, or to run one type of solution for different projects and customers.

Accounts Payable Capture Solution

Speed up your clients’ processing times with our Accounts Payable Capture Solution. This IRISXtract™ preconfigured solution automates the invoice data capture, limits manual error and reduces the costs for data entry by up to 80%. All of your clients’ accounting data is integrated into the heart of their company’s systems. Right where they need to be.

The Benefits of our Invoice Data Capture Solution

  • Reduced processing time and cost
  • Quick return on investment
  • Improved productivity as well as transparency
  • International rollouts made easy
  • Improved supplier relationships

A unique set of features

Free-form approach

Our template-free technology reads and captures all types of invoice formats, for an unlimited number of suppliers, with automatic update in case of format changes by the suppliers.

High extraction performance

IRIS OCR SDK, IRIS-made Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine, guarantees the highest extraction performance possible.

Powerful line-item extraction

Our state-of-the-art Table Finder extracts invoice line items with an unprecedented precision.

Content Check

IRISXtract™ Accounts Payable performs a content check after extraction. It examines individual fields and their relationships.

Database lookups

The reconciliation tool compares reference (master) data and transaction (invoice) data to optimize the extraction rate and complete the information captured on the invoice.

Master-data-less mode

IRISXtract™ Accounts Payable captures other data when no list of suppliers is available. It screens VAT numbers and/or bank accounts from the invoices to allow the allocation of the respective creditor ID in subsequent business software suites.

With Purchase Orders, automate order processing

IRISXtract™ Purchase Orders preconfigured package significantly reduces your workload by automating order processing using the Purchase Order Capture Solution. IRISXtract™ captures all relevant order data, delivering streamlined document flows. The result? Faster, more reliable, no lost orders and less human error.

The benefits of IRISXtract™ Purchase Orders package

  • Quick and flawless processing
  • Improved staff productivity and customer service
  • Audit-ready processes
  • Quick return on investment
  • Overall increased efficiency

A unique set of features

Reference data reconciliation

IRISXtract™ Purchase Orders captures relevant customer information from orders, compares it with reference data and completes missing data.Identifying the customer is key to trigger the right workflow based on the relevant Service Level Agreement (SLA).

High quality extraction for efficient order processing

IRISXtract™ Purchase Orders guarantees unrivalled extraction performance, thanks to our homemade XContent engine. It searches relevant information and interprets data, even in very complex table structures.

Free-form approach

Our flexible approach provides automatic adaptations to any type of purchase order, for any document formats and templates.


IRISXtract™ Purchase Orders package enables training for some specific orders and customers, for an even higher quality of recognition performance.

IRISXtract™ Form Processing Solution

IRIS Hybrid Form Processing package extracts indexes from any type of forms – structured, free and hybrid – combining all IRIS-made data capture techniques in a single application.Powered by IRISXtract™, our form processing solution captures, analyses and routs the targeted data to the right business process.

The benefits of IRISXtract™ Form Processing Solution

  • All types of paper and electronic documents
  • Both form and free-form data extraction
  • Hand-written and machine-printed forms
  • Get rid of manual errors
  • Easy integration into your system

A unique set of features

Character recognition

Our form processing package combines various Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) engines. This ensures accurate field capturing with the highest throughput rate.

Recognition of table structures

Because fields often vary in size and structure, our technology works with dynamic masks to adjust to different table layouts.

Data Base Matching

Extracted data is automatically checked against reference data, efficiently and quickly in real time.


IRISXtract™ form processing package is provided with a new form designer. It has been developed to speed up the configuration process while adding more features to capture complex documents.

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- Ute Wedding, Team Leader of Payables, Carglass