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Optimize Your Administrative Management and Document Flows with Our PDF & OCR Solutions.

The Strengths of Dematerialization for the Legal Industry

Dematerialization of business processes and document digitization represent major challenges for legal services and law firms. Because whatever the size of your office or firm, your teams are preparing, commenting, archiving hundreds or maybe thousands of paper documents, handwritten notes, emails, Word documents, spreadsheets and PDF’s every day.

You can drastically reduce the time spent handling these huge information flows: incorporation acts, articles of incorporation and association, terms and conditions, business contracts, etc.

IRIS’ portable scanners and digitization software provide the legal industry with suitable and safe solutions to capture, convert, sort and archive their documents in a variety of formats including pictures, PDF’s, audio and handwritten notes.

Boost Your Productivity with IRIS

Rationalize Your Methods and Gain Efficiency

Preparing a supply contract or a confidentiality agreement entails an important volume of documents of all kinds. From drafts and other documentation shared during talks, to the final version of contracts, to annexes and amendments, processing these documents is huge: edition, handwritten or digital annotations, comments, etc.

Digitization tools and solutions represent a critical addition to your information management. Depending on the model, our digital pens allow to instantaneously digitize handwritten notes or to extract lines of text from any printed document. You can write and edit your documents without ever having to copy texts, citations or other legal references.

Optimize Your Administrative Management

Simplify invoicing and the production of your activity documents (litigations, legal documents, statutes, expert reports, etc.) by digitizing your files rapidly! Leverage the power and the advanced performances of our multi-page scanners and adapt their applications to the needs of your firm or service.

Provide your administrative teams with powerful software that is able to turn your handwritten notes or your audio comments into Word or PDF documents. All your coworkers will appreciate saving so much time on a daily basis.

Improve Your Client Relations and Business Exchanges

Store and share documents easily and safely in a centralized disk space. Share with your clients any case document concerning them via email or extranet at any time: incorporation or transfer projects, legal correspondence, etc.

Convert your rulings and cases to various formats: Secure PDF/A, Word, Excel, JPG… So you can edit, and archive your files wherever you are and retrieve them at any time to share them with your peers.

IRIS, des produits et solutions métier

IRIS, Dedicated Products & Solutions

For more than 30 years, IRIS has been developing products and solutions that represent true innovations for specialized businesses. Meeting the new expectations of the legal market and the needs of lawyers in terms of document digitization, IRIS offers cutting edge solutions enabling any lawyer to convert to the all-digital age.


Infinite Integration Capacities

Our document capture software, IRISPowerscan, can be adapted to meet the specific needs of the legal industry thanks to its powerful integration capacities. Set up smooth links with your other IT systems, adjust your flows and processes to automate information capture. Discover IRISPowerscan.


Dematerialization: Economical and Ecological

Dematerialization allows you to reduce the need for copying, printing and storing. In so doing, you decrease paper consumption, waste, and storage costs within your organization. In short, an environmentally friendly approach that will be welcomed by your coworkers as well as clients.



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Since we started using IRIS’ solutions, our legal service has realized how beneficial and efficient PDF tools are. Commenting, annotating, editing directly in the PDF, etc. Not to mention document protection: Readiris, for example, enables you to password protect PDF files and to generate PDF/A compliant PDF’s. Which really meet the needs of our service.


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