Medical Prescription handling in Pharmacy

Our goal is to facilitate the storage of the necessary tools for Pharmacist in their approach to monitoring pharmaceutical care.

There is a multitude of documents created and handled by a pharmacist around pharmaceutical care. These should be searchable and collated to ensure quality monitoring.

Your challenge

The anxiety of not understanding a medication prescribed by his doctor naturally pushes the patient to ask a series of detailed information or clarification to his pharmacist, especially during chronic problems leading to polypharmacy. In this context, the first role of the pharmacist is to listen and analyze the overall medication of the patient (dosage, interactions, times and duration of taking, ...) while ensuring to stay in step with the therapeutic intent of the prescriber.

The key process

In communicating with the patient, the pharmacist uses a series of information such as reimbursement certificates, letters from the attending physician, blood pressure readings or changes to the patient's medication regimen to keep track of the patient's condition and detailed history of pharmaceutical follow-up. This evolutionary scheme is the backbone of pharmaceutical monitoring for both the patient and the pharmacist. From the perspective of the patient, it allows to monitor his treatment closely (and remember it!) And in the name of the pharmacist it allows to minimize the effects of poor treatment (poor compliance). It is also a tool that will support the patient's exchanges around his medication with other health professionals (family doctor, specialists, hospital, ...). This diagram shows the time taken (before, during or after the meal), the duration of taking the drugs, the daily frequency, the doses, the possible suspension of another drug during the taking of a new one, ... It is currently, along with other documents, provided in paper form to give a copy to the patient during his visit for a new treatment.

The role of the pharmacist is to accompany his patient and ensure a seamless pharmaceutical follow-up. Both the patient and the pharmacist want to keep track of this pattern, the first to remember and follow it correctly, the second to refer to it, write comments or modify it if undesirable or disturbing effects are explained by the patient, or if a new medication should be developed in the patient's treatment.

Our solution

Therefore, prescriptions, reimbursement certificates, doctor's letters, blood pressure readings, changes to the medication regimen, advice and observations are all documents that will be useful to keep in the patient's chart. The ability to scan directly at the counter all this information is a significant time saving but especially a guarantor of a professional pharmaceutical care and a complete patient file. Thanks to our IRIScan scanners’ solutions, all these documents can be quickly and easily saved automatically in PDF format, ready to be attached to the patient file in the pharmacy management system. Save time and professional help for better health!

Depending of the document volume to be handled and the size of the pharmacy, the workflow behind the scan step can vary significantly. Our IRISPowerscan solution fit easily and smartly the sorting and classification work in order to retrieve any information efficiently. Whatever to store document locally or in the cloud or in the DMS of the pharmacy chain you belong to. Do not hesitate longer and contact us to discover how your pharmacy could save time while optimizing your core business.

IRISPowerscan 10

IRISPowerscan 10

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IRIScan Pro 5

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