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Reprioritize patients

Marginalization, wisecracks, bad grades, hair-pulling over homework… so many “little” things that make dyslexic children feel belittled and cut down their self-esteem.

At IRIS, we are especially sensitive to this issue, and we wanted to soothe these kids in our own way.

Our tools are digital organizers that make life simpler for dyslexic kids.

They are time-savers that play an important role in reducing fatigue and making certain tasks, like homework and reading, more enjoyable.

We are also aware that, as teachers, parents, or healthcare specialists, you have surely heard a lot about digital assistance for dyslexic children.

Above all, we wanted to reassure you that:

  • Our digital tools do not do the work on behalf of the child
  • Our digital tools do not prevent kids from learning
  • They are absolutely not last-resort solutions

The goal of our tools is really to build independence in dyslexic children and, through digital organization, help them to compensate for the various learning challenges they face.


Our tools to help dyslexic children

Portable scanner

Portable scanner: Put in your school bag to scan classmates’ documents or notebooks.

With the IRIScan™ Book, your child can scan any book or magazine without having to tear out the pages. This small scanner fits perfectly in a school bag or backpack. A protective case is also available to avoid problems. It very conveniently works without a PC and lets you scan documents quickly, to be downloaded later when your child comes home from school.

Portable scanner

Mouse scanner: A digital must for school bags; unparalleled portability.

With the IRIScan™ Mouse, dyslexic kids always have a scanner at their fingertips! Just press the Scan button and slide over documents. The content appears on the screen for on-the-spot editing. It can also be exported in JPEG image or PDF format or to an editable Office file (Excel, Word). Highly convenient for scanning tests or classwork.

Portable scanner

Text-to-speech software for dyslexia: Readiris 17, assistance for building independence.

Readiris 17 is an OCR (optical character recognition) and PDF software for converting (scanned) documents or image files into editable text.

But that’s not all it can do! You can convert your documents into EPUB (compatible with e-readers), MP3, wav format, and even more audio formats. Readiris 17 is equipped with high-quality text-to-speech for reading your PDFs aloud with full support, sound, and image, all in one!

Our software for dyslexia also supports PDF document annotation. You can underline, highlight, strike through, and more, in any color you want. Your PDFs come to life! And to top it all off, you can also add audio notes or save your verbal comments for explanation and further support. So convenient for dyslexic kids!


Hear what people are saying about us!

I’m incredibly satisfied with the IRIScan Book 5, which meets my needs perfectly, both for me in my day-to-day practice and for my patients who use the computer at school! It lets me scan any document (prescriptions, reports, patient documents, etc.) both quickly and efficiently, whether in my office or on the go! The new “instant result” function is so fast and efficient. My patients can immediately rework and complete a handout provided by their teacher. This is a highly versatile and easy-to-use scanner.

Freelance Occupational Therapist

Vendée, France

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