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Capture, classify, extract, validate and process any document with IRISPowerscan!

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Immediate benefits of invoice document classification

Smart document classification & process is a must for your company

  • Increase your employee satisfaction
  • Free up employee’s time spending up to 30% only for searching for documents
  • Secure your documents storage
  • Offer an optimized service to your customers and suppliers
  • Focus on your core business and efficiency gain
  • Provide faster answers to your customers or suppliers thanks to simplified & efficient classification and retrieval process

A unique, secure, role based, document platform by Therefore™

With Therefore® information management software, you can store, manage, process and analyze all kinds of business information throughout your organization. Use it as a secure place to store, organize and share any document information from any device.

IRISPowerscan will enable your company to capture, classify, extract meta data, validate and process your documents consistently to Therefore™. All of which will enable fast and reliable documents retrieval!

Immediate benefits of invoice document classification
Immediate benefits of invoice document classification

Document processing is not only “capturing & scanning

IRISPowerscan for Therefore™ can scan & capture documents but not only! It automatically captures and processes your emails, server folders, Office documents, watched folders,… It automatically recognizes bar codes values, as well as extracts specific documents zones for automatic export to the appropriate Therefore™ categories & libraries.

Document automation with Therefore™

IRISPowerscan for Therefore™ highly improves your Therefore™ document management. Your processed files are stored securely. Appropriate document rules can be set up, sending notifications once documents are stored. Define scheduled tasks to optimize employee resources. Finally, process requests for document approval.

Immediate benefits of invoice document classification

Improve your brand image by boosting your customers’ and suppliers’ relationship

Simplify & automate customer creation tasks

Drastically improve customer and supplier file creation, improve your response time and increase global customer service efficiency. All files are instantly sharable on Therefore™ platform.

Banking/Finance with Therefore™

Quickly create loan processing documents. Capture and streamline your customer document-driven processes.

Insurance with Therefore™

Tons of daily insurance documents will be automatically captured and processed through your Therefore™ Organization with IRISPowerscan.

Invoice processing with Therefore™

Implement a fully automated accounting process that handles and approves your invoices through your THEREFORE ™ cross-department, with IRISPowerscan to properly classify them.

Healthcare & patient files with THEREFORE™

Boost your patient record & follow up! Have a 360 ° view of your patient records with your Therefore document management system. All of this possible thanks to IRISPowerscan‘s classification capabilities.

Improve employee efficiency & speed up decisions

Thanks to automatic document processing, retrieval & approval, IRISPowerscan for Therefore™ will increase your decision process.

Immediate benefits of invoice document classification

100% compatible with IRIS mobile & desktop high-speed scanners

Don’t risk to lose key information whatever at the office or on the go, Digitize all your documents, during travels, business trips or in a meeting with IRIS professional scanners. Export them to your Therefore Platform just when you need.

IRIS : Our technology at a glance

  • IRIS Sharepoint & Cloud connector technology
  • IRIS Capture & Processing Technology.
  • IRIS Image Clean Up & bar code enhancement Technology.
  • IRIS Invoice OCR Metadata keyword tagging technology.
  • IRIS OCR Languages technology.
  • IRIS integration with emails & Office Technology.

Immediate benefits of invoice document classification

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