IRISPowerscan Server & Central Management

First class capture platform that enables enterprises to automatically archive large scale of documents in their company for long term secure archiving.

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Immediate benefits of digitizing large volume documents

Time saving

You will be able to retrieve the right document in a snap thanks to electronic search systems based on keywords and/or meta data.

Increased productivity

It takes an employee 12 minutes on average to find one paper document they are looking for. Our solution enables employee access to documents to retrieve any time from any place in a snap.

Cost efficiency

Reduce the costs linked to equipment management, paper records maintenance and cost of space thanks to our patented compression technology (iHQCTM).

Efficient document classification

Digitized and indexed documents can be exported to any Document Management System (DMS).

Environmentally friendly

Save place and convert large scale volume business paper documents into digital records. Removes the needs of multiple backup copies and unnecessary printing, increasing the eco-friendly quotient of your company.

Compliant security

Insure guarantee long term archiving with state-of-the-art PDF/A technology.

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They have placed their trust in us.

Cas clients - VP auto

VP Auto - auctions

How do you capture, sort, index and export your data?

Cas clients - Euromaster

Euromaster - Tyres and vehicle maintenance

How to simplify the business and improve employee productivity in order to save time?

Cas clients - Euromaster

FAULHABER - Miniature and micro drive technologies

Save time and reduce human errors by semi-automating processes in different areas, like production and accounting.

Cas clients - Euromaster

Pierret - Doors and windows

How to manage the invoicing of different entities - from dematerialization to classification - thanks to IRISPowerscan

Immediate benefits of invoice document classification

A unique secure, role-based, scalable document platform for amazingly fast archiving

With the constantly increasing volume of information, companies are facing more and more problems in finding the right archiving solutions that will enable them to store important data and to make it accessible for future usage

IRIS powerful technology enable organizations and companies to digitize and archive large scale of documents, whatever digital or paper, to electronic formats suitable for long-term digital archiving

IRISPowerscan 10 Server is a client-server based application which can be installed within your IT infrastructure and process thousands of documents per day or million documents per year and turn them into searchable PDF, PDF/A files or Microsoft Office Documents.

Scalable Client-Server technology

IRISPowerscan 10 Server & Central Management is the best way to distribute document activities processing among multiple users and share common place and structure to export digitized documents.

Group Permissions will allow or prevent users from editing batch content and lifecycle.

Any Projects are shared between clients. Scanning capture can happen on the client or at the server place depending on customer needs. Server will provide a full cockpit view to power users and IT department.

IRISPowerscan Server Central Management

Immediate benefits of invoice document classification

IRISPowerscan Server : Customer Benefits

Law Firms & Legal Department: Store all customer documents, cases and contracts as 100% searchable PDF’s.

Bank and Insurance : Digitize and preserve all long terms documents in PDF or PDF/A format.

Corporate companies:

  • Deliver searchable documents into up to 132 languages
  • Simultaneous document processing from different project from different users owner on the same server
  • Export to Cloud services and/or secured FTP Server

IRIS : Our technology at a glance

  • IRIS Sharepoint & Cloud connector technology
  • IRIS Capture & Processing Technology.
  • IRIS Image Clean Up & bar code enhancement Technology.
  • IRIS Invoice OCR Metadata keyword tagging technology.
  • IRIS OCR Languages technology.
  • IRIS integration with emails & Office Technology.

Immediate benefits of invoice document classification


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IRISPowerscan 10 for Microsoft Sharepoint.

Capture, classify, extract, validate and process any document! (Incoming mails, contracts, delivery notes, forms, …).


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