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First class capture platform that enables small and medium enterprises to capture, classify, extract, validate and process, invoices documents, from incoming mail or paper documents, to any repository or business system.

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Immediate benefits of invoice document classification

Immediate benefits of invoice document classification

  • Increase your employee satisfaction.
  • Increase drastically your Supplier relationship with a close invoice follow-up allowing optimized invoice payment.
  • Time & error savings. Employee spent about 10% of their time for manual encoding of invoice information.
  • Stop wasting precious money on manual typing invoice in your accounting and on looking for invoice documents for control.
  • Reduce your Invoice management total cost by up to 50%.
  • Free up to 10 working days a year to focus on your core business and customer relationship.

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Cas clients - VP auto

VP Auto - auctions

How do you capture, sort, index and export your data?

Cas clients - Euromaster

Euromaster - Tyres and vehicle maintenance

How to simplify the business and improve employee productivity in order to save time?

Cas clients - Euromaster

FAULHABER - Miniature and micro drive technologies

Save time and reduce human errors by semi-automating processes in different areas, like production and accounting.

Cas clients - Euromaster

Pierret - Doors and windows

How to manage the invoicing of different entities - from dematerialization to classification - thanks to IRISPowerscan

How does IRISPowerscan for invoice simplify your daily invoice management?

  • Standardize your invoice processing.
  • Stop lost or misplaced invoices.
  • Forget manual encoding.
  • Assign invoices to your books at the capture stage.
  • Assign invoices to your defined expense categories.
  • Export your invoice’ data to Microsoft® Excel.
  • Export PDF searchable invoices to your Document Management System.
  • Tag metadata to the right general ledger account.
  • Easily retrieve any invoices in a snap.

Immediate benefits of invoice document classification
Immediate benefits of invoice document classification

IRISPowerscan for invoice: processing to the Cloud

  • IRISPowerscan for invoice enables your company to manage and process your invoices documents consistently to any cloud services.
  • For example, you can use IRISPowerscan for Invoice in combination with Microsoft® SharePoint. You can use it as a secure place to store, organize, share and access any invoices documents information from any device.
  • IRISPowerscan for invoices ensures your invoices are correctly formatted, stored and get the appropriate meta data to enable rapid employee invoices documents retrieval for further control process.

IRISPowerscan for invoice: focus on data quality

  • Close to zero manual processes.
  • Automated invoice capture.
  • Automated Invoice export to dedicated folder whatever local or in the cloud.
  • Optimized data’ controls.
  • Automated invoices data extraction.
  • Automated indexing and document compression for minimized storage & efficient retrievals.

Immediate benefits of invoice document classification
Immediate benefits of invoice document classification

IRISPowerscan for Invoice : 100% compatible with our desktop high speed scanners

Digitize all your forms documents at your desk with IRIS professional scanner and export them to your preferred platform.

IRIS : Our technology at a glance

  • IRIS Sharepoint & Cloud connector technology
  • IRIS Capture & Processing Technology.
  • IRIS Image Clean Up & bar code enhancement Technology.
  • IRIS Invoice OCR Metadata keyword tagging technology.
  • IRIS OCR Languages technology.
  • IRIS integration with emails & Office Technology.

Immediate benefits of invoice document classification


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