IRIS solutions for the healthcare sector

Our effective solutions make administrative work easier in hospital, nursing homes, and medical offices.

Reprioritize patients

Today’s healthcare sector is under pressure like never before. Profitability and productivity are among the many challenges facing healthcare professionals each and every day. Effective and versatile IRIS scanners let you quickly scan all types of patient data. Our conversion and filing software helps you efficiently sort and retrieve medical information at any time. They are the ideal choice for reducing time-consuming manual processes and prioritizing patient follow-up.

Simplification and cost savings

Optimize your patient data management

For even higher quality of care for your patients, get the latest IRIS technology, with faster, more customized monitoring than ever before.

Keep your medical records up to date

Automate your processes with powerful scanning tools from IRIS. ID cards, care certificates, proof of insurance, and more can be scanned, sorted, and retrieved very quickly.

Lower your document processing costs

IRIS solutions simplify your workflow by speeding up the processing of your paper and digital documents. This saves time and precious resources, which you can devote to your core business and your patients.

IRISPowerscan 10

Patient file management

IRIS technology lets your hospital focus on patients instead of administrative tasks.


Catalogue - IRIS Portfolio 2019

Learn about the entire IRIS line, including our software (conversion, PDF, and filing) and our scanners.

IRIScan Pro 5

IRIScan Pro 5

Best-performing duplex desktop scanner on the market



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In the past, I had to go to the copying machine to scan papers for patients at the reception desk. Now, I can stay at my desk and scan them. Our new IRIS scanner hardly takes up any space on the counter and produces high-quality files. It also works seamlessly with our patient data management system! It truly frees up both time and space.


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