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A portable scanner to scan anything, anywhere
We recommend the IRIScan Anywhere Wifi
This handy Wifi portable scanner is perfect for anyone willing to capture paper documents while being away from a computer. Ultra-compact, fast and battery-powered, this scanner will be the gate of your paperless world.

This package includes:
- Wifi portable scanner (IRIScan Anywhere Wifi)
- Document to PDF & Word converter (Readiris Pro 14)
- Mobile application (For iOS & Android)
An OCR software to convert compress & archive your documents
We recommend Readiris 15
Readiris 15 is a software solution made to extract text information from any scanned image or PDF file. The input file will then be converted to a searchable PDF or an editable text file (Word, Excel, etc.) without changing the layout of the original document. When converted, Readiris 15 can also export your files to your personal Cloud hosting service to make it available, searchable and secured.

Main features:
- Convert scanned documents to searchable PDF files
- Convert any document to editable Word files
- Compress PDF to optimize storage space
- Export files to popular Cloud hosting services
A Cloud hosting service to search and access your files anywhere
We recommend Microsoft OneDrive
Unlike other Cloud hosting services, Microsoft OneDrive is able to index the text contained in any searchable PDF. As a result, it lets you easily retrieve any piece of information you are looking for even though it is lost within a big load of files.Furthermore, Microsoft OneDrive can be installed on any device in order to let you access you files anywhere you want!

Main features:
- Automatic text indexation
- 15 GB of FREE storage
- Available for Windows, Mac, IOS & Android

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