Delivery and shipping notes management

Deliveries, shipment and proof of receipt are gold values for your company ! Let’s manage them efficiently, invoice faster and generate more net cash flow in a snap

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Immediate benefits of invoice document classification

Why IRISPowerscan 10 for shipping and delivery notes ?

IRISPowerscan for delivery and shipping notes enables your company to process complex delivery notes structure into ready-data management. In five easy steps, manage all the data of your delivery documents and send them to any repository, business system, front-end or back-end system.

  • Capture
  • Classify
  • Extract
  • Validate
  • Process

Immediate benefits for your back-office department

  • Stop manual encoding.
  • Extract barcodes values and match with external database values.
  • Get rid of paper archives.
  • Invoice on time with correct shipped information.
  • Reduce by 30% paper manual handling.
  • Retrieve any delivery note in a snap and reduce by 50% searching times.

Immediate benefits of document classification
Immediate benefits of invoice document classification

IRISPowerscan for shipping & delivery notes : Daily application

Truck Logistic industry: 4 different forms signed by customers.

Train Freight Industry: Train deliveries procurement papers.

Boat logistic industry: Delivery of containers at delivery port

Air shipment deliveries: Shipping notes at airport services

Needs of in-truck solutions?

IRIS solutions can reduce invoice delay process by up to 99% !.

With IRIScan Anywhere 5 Wifi, no need to wait your driver coming back after long delivery tours to bring signed shipping notes to your sales administration. IRIS “in-truck” mobile scanner allow your drivers to simply send directly after delivery all receipt signed documents needed to your sales administration for direct invoicing! Making your sales invoice process instantly done once goods delivered.

Needs of in-truck solutions?
Immediate benefits of invoice document classification

Immediate benefits of direct delivery note sharing classification

  • Same day delivery, same day invoice.
  • Stop waiting paper signed documents to invoice.
  • Increase by 90% your sales invoice timing process.
  • Stop human manual data entry mistakes.
  • Increase customer satisfaction & sales administration speed.
  • Simplify your truck’ drivers administration work.

IRIScan Anywhere 5 Wifi : 100% matching your truck’ drivers needs.

Digitize all your delivery note documents at the bottom of the truck with IRIS professional scanner and export them to your preferred platform.

IRIScan Anywhere 5 Wifi : 100% compatible with your truck drivers
Immediate benefits of invoice document classification

IRIS : Our technology at a glance

  • IRIS Sharepoint & Cloud connector technology
  • IRIS Capture & Processing Technology.
  • IRIS Image Clean Up & bar code enhancement Technology.
  • IRIS Invoice OCR Metadata keyword tagging technology.
  • IRIS OCR Languages technology.
  • IRIS integration with emails & Office Technology.

IRISPowerscan 10


The most powerful production solution for document capture.


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