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Are you looking for maximum value in a high quality refurbished scanner at minimum cost?.

IRISPen Executive 6


In stock
  • Portable and USB-powered Pen scanner
  • Text and numbers recognition
  • Works with Word, Excel®, Outlook®, etc
Digital Highlighter

IRIScan Book 2 Executive


In stock
  • Scan books, magazines and documents up to 3 seconds per page
  • Powered by a powerful lithium-ion USB rechargeable battery
  • Transfer files via Bluetooth to ANY device
Book scanner

IRIScan Express 3


In stock
  • Compact, lightweight and USB powered
  • Scan to PDF, Word, image, etc. in one click
  • Faster than ever (up to 8 pages per minutes)
USB scanner

IRIScard Anywhere 5


In stock
  • Cordless, battery-powered and very lightweight.
  • All your scanned business cards are automatically retyped
  • Export to Outlook, Address Book, Act!, Google Contacts...
Cards scanner

IRIScan Mouse


In stock
  • All-in-one full-featured scanner and mouse!
  • Scans anything Up to A4
  • Convert to PDF, Word, Excel
Mouse scanner

IRIScan Anywhere 5 Wifi


In stock
  • Scan all your documents without being connected to your computer
  • Scan any kind of document: contracts, business cards, receipts, forms…
  • Transfer files via Wifi to ANY device
Cordless Portable Scanner