General Sales Conditions

General sales conditions

1. Ordering
To place an order you must be 18 years of age or older. By placing an order you make an offer to purchase the products you have selected on these terms and conditions. Your order is subject to acceptance by us and may be refused for any reason, including credit concerns, unusual volumes, or shipping addresses. Depending on your location and once your order has been received and accepted, you will receive by email an "order confirmation". The order confirmation will be effective once sent to you.

2. Pricing

The price for each product purchased is reflected on your order and will remain the price regardless of any subsequent price changes we make. In addition to the quoted price, you will pay shipping and handling charges according to the shipping method you select plus all applicable taxes and duties.

3. Taxes and Duties

For purposes of calculating value-added tax, sales tax, the ship-to location shall govern. You are responsible for any customs, brokerage, additional assessments or any other fees payable upon import of the products into your country. Because these duties and fees can vary and change over time, we recommend that you check on such duties or other fees before placing your order. Should you refuse delivery of the products, you will be responsible for the return freight charges to us

4. VAT policy
Any order processed inside the European Union includes a VAT charge based on the Belgian VAT (21%).
Companies that can provide us with a valid and registerd VAT number will not pay for the VAT. To be eligable, the VAT number will have to be registered on the European VAT registry.

5. Delivery issue
I.R.I.S. sa or I.R.I.S. Inc. will, for any reasons, not be held responsible or liable for delivery issues or delivery failures, including but not limited to, wrong delivery address, product shortage, product end of life, product(s) lost during transit, etc. I.R.I.S. sa or I.R.I.S. Inc. reserves the right to modify your order with a similar product of indentical or greater value if original product(s) is (are) no longer available. Product specifications, shape and color may vary without prior notifications.

Payment in full is due prior to shipment. We will only accept payment via credit card and wire transfer. You must supply your credit card details when you place your order.

7. Shipping
We will ship products according to your selected shipping instructions. We will attempt to ship the products within the estimated timeframe reflected on the order confirmation but will not be liable for any failure to do so. For items on back order we may ship whenever the products become available without notice to you.

Except for software products, which are licensed, not sold, title to all products passes to you upon delivery of the product to the selected carrier.

9. 30 days money back guarantee
IRIS extends a 30 days money back guarantee for any products purchased on the IRIS's e-shop.

The refund process is straightforward and designed to expedite the refund of the product(s) you purchased from IRIS. In order to be eligible for a refund, you are required to follow the RMA (Return Material Authorization) process. Failing to do so will either delay the refund of the product(s) or create a status of ineligibility where no refunds will be granted.

1) "30 days" means 30 calendar days calculated from the date you received your product(s) as long as proof of delivery is available and provided to IRIS upon request, or from Invoice date, if proof of delivery is not available or not provided to IRIS upon request.

2) To engage the refund process, fill in one of the following form for products you are seeking reimbursement:

Refund for physical product 
- Refund for downloaded product

Once your email notification is received, IRIS will email you a "RMA number". and send document to be attached to product allowed to be returned. This document is the "IRIS passport" for return. (not valid for Inc). The RMA number is to be clearly printed on the outside of the box containing the product(s) you are shipping back to IRIS. Freight charges and associated costs to return the product(s) are not IRIS's responsibility. All products are to be shipped CIF destination

3) Product must be returned in its original package with all components delivered (complete set of documentation, spare parts, manual, cable, calibration card, inner box...) Failing to do so will create a status of ineligibility where no refunds will be granted.

4) Opened or installed software are not credited or exchanged unless a letter of destruction form (For US - For rest of world)) detailing product destroyed is signed, fully filled in and sent within 30 days of purchase to Customer Service. Failing to do so will create a status of ineligibility where no refund is granted.

10. Downloaded products
A back-up CD of the software you purchase via download delivery will not automatically be sent to you. In order to obtain a back-up CD, please contact our Customer Service. Note you will be responsible to cover the shipping charges along with import duties or any customs, brokerage, additional assessments or any other fees associated with the shipment of the back-up CD to your destination.

11. Returns
Prior to any returns, an RMA number must be asked to Customer Service. Without the IRIS RMA Form joins to the return, product will be sent back to sender at sender's sole expenses.

After the 30-day period you may only return the product pursuant to I.R.I.S.’s limited warranty terms. All returns must be in the original packaging and contain all items provided with the product. You are responsible for shipping charges to return items.
The right to return software products cannot be exerciced on unsealed packages. Downloaded software can only be refunded should a "Letter of Destruction" be fully completed, signed and returned to I.R.I.S. within the 30-day period in which case starts the day you placed your order. "Letter of Destruction" can be obtained on this page.

12. Territory. I.R.I.S. s.a. and I.R.I.S. Inc. delivers products worldwide
I.R.I.S. delivers products worldwide. Due to political or economic conditions, we may be unable to ship to certain countries from time to time. We are not liable for any such inability to ship to certain countries.

13. Limited Warranty
All I.R.I.S. hardware products come with a limited warranty the terms of which are incorporated into these terms and conditions by reference. The warranty is included with the product. This warranty does not cover software. You should refer to the relevant software license for the warranty which applies to your software product.
- I.R.I.S. End-User License Agreement (EN - PT - FR - IT - DE - SP)

14. Limitation of Remedies and Liability
To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, the remedies provided here are your sole and exclusive remedies for breach of this agreement by us. In no event will we, I.R.I.S. SA or I.R.I.S. Inc. be liable to you for any damages, including incidental, consequential, special or indirect damages. In no event will our liability to you ever exceed the total amount paid by you for the product purchased.

15. Export Control
You agree to comply with all export control laws. You agree not to export any product to any country in violation of any export control law without first obtaining any necessary license or approval. You warrant that you are not located in, under the control of, or a national or resident or any country to which the export of the products is prohibited by applicable export control laws.

16. Force Majeure
We will not be liable for any loss or damage suffered or incurred by you arising from our delay in fulfilling or failure to fulfil or otherwise discharge any of our obligations hereunder, to the extent that such delay or failure is caused by any circumstances beyond our reasonable control.

17. Data Protection
By placing your order, you agree that we may store, process and use personal data collected from your order form for the purposes of processing your order. You may obtain a copy of the personal data held by us concerning you on your written request. If any personal data we hold concerning you is incorrect, we will correct it on your written request

18. Privacy Policy
If you choose to register on any part of this I.R.I.S. Website, you agree to provide I.R.I.S. with the accurate data as requested in the registration form. For details of our use and transfer of your personal data, please refer to this PRIVACY POLICY.

19. Governing Law and Jurisdiction
This agreement is governed by the laws of Belgium. Both we and you agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Belgian courts

20. Additional Term
We are not responsible for typographic errors. We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions or the prices charged at any time, so please check each time you purchase

21. Declaration of Conformity
Learn more

22. Best deals Section - Sales conditions for refurbished products
Our best deals or refurbished products enjoy a limited warranty of six months as of invoice date to customer and do not enjoy our 30-day money back guarantee.

Best deal / refurbished product are either end of life produt and/or refurbished products that have been unsold or returned to IRIS. They all are completely re-tested to ensure they meet original factory specifications and functions. They are each properly and individually repacked to be safely shipped to customer. These products are fully functional and certified by IRIS’ quality control. Our Best deal / refurbished products are either unopened or returned end of life products or used products fully refurbished. Some might present ultra light scracthes if any from time to time as unique cosmetic damages. When needed they are always supplied with accessories needed to ensure the original functionality of the product Unit price is always excluding freight, customs and local taxes if any. Technical support is provided via our faq section on
  • Best deal / refurbsihed products are always available in limited quantity for a limited time.
  • IRIS cannot be hold responsible for any out of stock and/or end of availibility of any best deal product.
  • The maximum quantity per customer per best deal product is limited to three units.
  • For larger quantity needs iris asks customer to take contact with iris marketing team at [email protected] to get a special quotation if possible.
  • Warranty period is limited to six months for any Best deal / refurbished products.
  • In case of defectiveness within warranty period IRIS will exchange and replace defective product by a similar or same product if available; if not available? A refund will be processed at product price invoiced excluding customs, freight and local taxes cost. In any case, freight cost to return defective product to iris will remain at customer charge only.
  • IRIS’ maximum liability amount and responsibility is always and in any case limited to the invoiced amount paid by the customer to acquire the Best deal / refurbished product by IRIS.