IRIS solutions for the public sector

Safely and efficiently optimise your procedures, your document flows, and the efficiency of your work with our PDF and OCR solutions.

The advantages of dematerialisation for the public sector

Our IRIS solutions can support any new process to capture, sort, index, and export documents as fully searchable files. Thanks to our solutions, government organisations can have a tailor-made installation including a high level of security (in compliance with the latest directives), as well as guaranteed increased productivity.

Whether you need to scan incoming mail, collect several types of document, or send an electronic copy of an internal memo, our range of portable scanners and scanning software will satisfy your business needs thanks to our reliable document capture, conversion, sorting and archiving solutions, with a variety of formats for you to choose from: image, PDF, audio, handwritten notes, etc.

Take advantage of IRIS’ expertise

Optimise your staff's working time

Government bodies and communities generate, collect, and manage a very large number of documents of all kinds (forms, certificates, receipts, archives, etc.). Both the quantity of documents and the number of operations they require will often be large (editing, handwritten or digital notes, comments, etc.); these tasks are usually inefficient and they use up a lot of valuable time.

Our dematerialisation tools and solutions are a major asset for government bodies in the daily management of their documents. Depending on the model, our scanners (IRIScan Desk, IRIScan Executive, IRIScan Pro, etc.) take barely one second to scan an A4 page. Our software solutions, developed internally for more than 30 years and serving several big names in the IT industry, will provide you with efficient, secure document management to suit your needs and your computer architecture.

Maximise the administrative management of your structure

Whether you need to equip a government body or a local community, our powerful software packages such as Readiris™, IRISmart™, and IRISPowerscan™ can convert, file, and rename your paper documents or digital files in Word or PDF. All your colleagues will appreciate the significant amount of time they will save every day and the noticeable boost to their efficiency.

Facilitate the methodical organisation of your documents (forms, certificates, receipts, archives, etc.) by scanning, sorting and indexing all your files quickly! Take advantage of the power and the advanced performance of our multipage scanners and adapt their applications to the practices of your government body and your own procedures.

Convert your files and folders into a variety of formats: Secure PDF/A , Word, Excel, JPG, etc. You will then be able to edit, archive and index your files, wherever you are, and retrieve them whenever you want to share them.

Improve your performance and your exchanges

Interoperability, accessibility, saving time, improving the existing systems and procedures, and dematerialisation will provide definite advantages in boosting the performance of public services.


IRIS: professional products and solutions

For more than 30 years, IRIS has been developing products and solutions that are always truly innovative for specialist sectors. In the context of the new expectations and new needs of notaries with regard to scanning documents, IRIS offers cutting-edge solutions to allow every notary (irrespective of practice size) to enter the fully digital age.


Infinite integration capability

Our IRISPowerscan™ document capture software adapts to the specific needs of the notarial sector. It lets you capture, sort, index, and export documents as searchable files, eliminating errors and cutting costs. It does all of this whilst boosting productivity via various channels (paper, files, or e-mail attachments).


Dematerialisation: economical and green

Dematerialisation can reduce your copying, printing, and storage needs. You will reduce paper consumption in your office, as well as reducing waste and storage costs, and accidental losses. Both your colleagues and your clients will welcome an environment-friendly approach.



Hear what people are saying about us!

We have been very happy with the IRISPowerscan solution designed by IRIS. It has saved time for all of our personnel, both in the field and in our offices. The IRIS teams have been very efficient and conscientious throughout the process, with a fast response to all of our obligations.

Michel Van Rote

Municipal employee

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