iDRS 15, OCR Toolkit

Bring the power of I.R.I.S. recognition technologies to your application
iDRS™ 15 is the most competitive and fastest professional solution on the market enabling your application to convert all images into indexed and editable files and provide multiple users with document recognition services.

Among many other benefits, here is a glimpse at what iDRS™ has to offer:

- 25+ years of I.R.I.S. technology in data recognition and output
- All proprietary I.R.I.S. technologies.
- All the latest advances in Pre-processing, Recognition, Document Output and Hypercompression
- Allows developers to create their own solutions : Compatible with Windows®, Linux® and OS X® through a simple and complete C++ interface, Available for .NET environments (for J#, C# and VB.NET developers)
- Adaptable to any OS or platform (ex. MFPs)
- Modular toolkit – just use what you need
A key to business excellence
Fastest OCR engine on the market – hundreds of thousands of documents per day on a single machine!)

Easy to install and to use
An integrator can create a complete application in a few hours thanks to demo applications and included sample codes for integration into your C++, C#, J# or VB.NET applications

- No page or volume limitation
- Modular toolkit: pay for what you need only
- Flexible pricing depending on run-time, machine and business model (workflow, purpose, server/desktop application, heavy duty or not, etc.)

Create your own solution, from entry-level OCR software to a complete document anagement platform!

Built for integration into any system and hardware
Can be adapted to any OS or platform (ex. MPPs or others).

- Improve scanned images with powerful image cleaning tools; deskew text, detect its orientation, and much more
- Rename and separate documents automatically
- Powerful recognition engines for languages, barcodes, banking fonts, patch codes, etc.
- New OCR engine with 137 recognized languages (all incl. a full dictionary, unlike competition)
- Document indexing (full-page OCR, zonal OCR, full-page barcode, zonal barcode)
- Patented iHQC™ hyper-compression: reduces the size of PDF, PDF/A and XPS files (color or black and white) dramatically for the highest compression rates with perfect document legibility
- Many output formats such as
-- PDF (web optimized, with possible hyper-compression)
-- PDF/A for long-term archiving
-- And many more

iDRS™  has been developed on a multitude of platforms (Windows®, OS X® and Linux® and more to come)
- All have the same API: code can be written once and simply recompiled on other platforms
- Development environments
-- Windows®: Microsoft® Visual Studio®
-- OS X®: Xcode®
-- Linux®: GCC
- Supported OS
-- iDRS™ is built to minimize OS dependencies and works on all current desktop or server declinations of: Windows® (32 bit or 64 bit): Windows® 8, Windows® 7, 2008, 2003, XP, 2000, NT, ME, 98, etc - OS X® (32 bit or 64 bit) - Linux® (32 bit or 64 bit)
A modular toolkit
iDRS™ is composed of different modules you can pick from to implement into your own application

1. Imaging module
Load and save pictures in formats such as BMP, PNG, TIFF and PDF JPEG, JPEG2000 and JBIG 2 are also available as extensions

2. Pre-processing module
Image enhancements features such as despeckle, deskew and document rotation.
The optional Advanced Pre-processing module also features Dark border removal, Line removal, Color dropout and Punch hole removal

3. Text Recognition module
137 languages standard which can be complemented with the following add-ons: Asian, Hebrew, Arabic, Banking Fonts, ICR

4. Barcode Recognition module
Many barcode types can be recognized standard, and can be complemented with
- PDF417 extension
- QRCODE extension
- EVO I extension : secondary engine used as a complement to the main engine, enabling the system to choose the best solution for improved accuracy on all barcode types.
- Datamatrix extension

5. Document Output module
The Document Output module allows the developer to export the recognized data to various output formats such as PDF (text, image-text, text-image and image), PDF/A, HTML, XML, RTF, TXT, UNICODE, UTF-8, ODT, WordML, SpreadsheetML, CSV, DOCX and XLSX.

The optional iHQC™ extension (intelligent High Quality Compression) - a patented revolutionary hyper-compression technology by I.R.I.S. – enables you to:
- Reduce the size of PDF, PDF/A and XPS files (color or black and white) dramatically
- Generate better quality than JPEG 2000 with much smaller files
- While maintaining perfect image quality and text legibility
Benefits of doing OEM Business with I.R.I.S
1. We own all the intellectual property of our technologies
- We are commercially competitive as we don't need to pay licenses to anyone
- We have complete control of our technologies
- We provide long-term support
- We react quickly on issues, requests and suggestions
- We are more up-to-date with market trends
- We offer great flexibility since we have got all IP's and we can adapt to your needs
- We can adapt our software to meet the standards of any OS or platform (ex. MFPs)

2. We cover all the technology you need
- Don't pay multiple license costs (multiple policies, protection mechanisms, limitations, etc.)
- Avoid multiple negotiations resulting in time loss and cost ineffectiveness

3. We offer simple integration
Both for the integrator and the user.

4. We have many different ways/proposals to do OEM
From very quick and easy deployments to the most demanding integrations.

5.We provide close support

6. We are in constant development to satisfy demanding market requests

7. We are cross-platform

Windows®, OS X®, Linux®.

8. We propose a modular approach
You choose and buy only what you need®.

9. We are prepared for the future thanks to a sustainable long-term vision
We invested 45+ million Euros in R&D over 8 years to refine technologies such as OCR, Hyper compression, Intelligent Document Recognition (classification, data extraction), Scanning platforms, Connectivity platforms, Mobile and Cloud-based applications, Managed Performance
- We hire 60+ employees in R&D alone
- We patented technologies in Europe and in the USA