Toolkits / O.E.M.

Bring the power of I.R.I.S. technologies, solutions and products into your own application

OEM I.R.I.S. Products
All our products can be bundled or even rebranded in the frame of OEM agreements. As examples, our OCR product Readiris Corporate could become part of your scanning solution, our business card reading solution Cardiris pro, could be part of your CRM solution, or IRISPowerscan could become the scan-client of your ECM application.

Feel free to contact us at any time to discuss how we can best improve your product offering.
Integrate I.R.I.S. Technologies in your product
I.R.I.S. offers the broadest range of IDR (Intelligent Document Recognition) toolkits available on the market, featuring important and unique capabilities such as hypercompression of color documents, automatic invoice recognition, automatic document classification or our unique image based super-fast fingerprint classification

With these toolkits, you can easily integrate our technologies into your own product. Several toolkits are available for your different needs:

Image enhancement, pre-processing, Character Recognition (OCR, ICR, MICR), Document Creation (PDF, HTML, RTF, XPS, ...), Barcode Recognition (1D, 2D), Compression (iHQC™), etc…
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Invoice recognition, Classification/Digital mailroom, Form recognition, FreeForm recognition, etc...
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IRISFingerprint™ SDK
Fast document classification, layout identification
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Cardiris™ SDK
Business card recognition
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Create connectors between I.R.I.S. IDR products and your solution
The professional document scanning platform of I.R.I.S. is based on 3 complementary products (IRISPowerscan, IRISCapture, IRISDocument Server). They can be used together or integrated separately in third party solutions. Value added resellers can easily create their customized connectors between their platform and each of these I.R.I.S. IDR products depending on their needs and architecture.
Have you thought of our solutions coming before, after or in between your own processes? We can provide you with toolkits that will allow you to create smooth connections between yours and our solutions. These SDKs are available for:

IRISCapture™ Pro
Solution to Extract and Export Data from your Paper Documents
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Complete scanning and OCR solution
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IRISDocument™ Server
Complete professional OCR solution
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General Benefits of doing OEM business with I.R.I.S.
We own all the intellectual property of our technologies
We are commercially competitive as we don't need to pay licenses to anyone
We have complete control of our technologies
We provide long-term support
We react quickly on issues, requests and suggestions
We are more up-to-date with market trends
We offer great flexibility since we have got all IP's and we can adapt to your needs
We cover all the technology that you need
Avoid paying different license costs (different policies, protection mechanisms, limitations...)
Avoid multiple negotiations resulting in time loss and cost ineffectiveness
We offer simple integration (both for the integrator and the user)
We have many different ways/proposals to do OEM, from very quick and easy deployments to the most demanding integrations
We provide close support
We are in constant development to satisfy demanding market requests
We are cross-platform (Windows, Mac, Linux)
We propose a modular approach; you choose and buy only what you need.