Readiris, OCR software
Readiris™ is a powerful OCR software designed to convert all your paper documents, images or PDF into editable and searchable digital text (Word, Excel, PDF…) in just a click ! Learn more about Readiris

Readiris Pro 15 for Windows   $ 99 Buy now
Readiris Pro 14 for Mac   $ 129 Buy now
Readiris Corporate 15 for Windows   $ 199 Buy now
Readiris Corporate 14 for Mac   $ 599 Buy now
Volume licensing:
Readiris Pro 15 for windows "Family Pack": 3 licenses   $ 199 Buy now
Readiris Corporate 15 for windows "SMB Pack": 3 licenses   $ 499 Buy now
Readiris Pro 14 for Mac: 2 licenses   $ 229 Buy now
Readiris Pro 14 for Mac: 3 licenses   $ 339 Buy now
Readiris Pro 14 for Mac: 4 licenses   $ 439 Buy now
Readiris Pro 14 for Mac: 5 licenses   $ 519 Buy now
IRISNotes, digital pen
IRISNotes™ 2 sends your handwritten notes and graphs directly to your computer and turn them into editable text (Word, Outlook...) on your PC and Mac®. Learn more about IRISnotes

IRISNotes™ Express 2 $ 99 Buy now
IRISNotes™ 1.0 for Smartphones   $ 129 Buy now
IRISNotes™ Executive 2  $ 129 Buy now
Supplies set for IRISnotes $ 10 Buy now
IRISPen, pen scanner
Simply slide the pen over printed information from newspapers, magazines, fax, letters, etc. and the text is automatically imported into your computer. Learn more about IRISPen

IRISPen Express 7 $ 99 Buy now
IRISPen Executive 7   $ 129 Buy now
IRISCompressor, PDF compression software
IRISCompressor™ is designed to convert standard document images (JPEG, JPEG 2000, PNG, TIFF, image PDF, etc.) into a new PDF document of much smaller size (up to 20 times), fully compliant with any PDF viewer.
Learn more about IRISCompressor

IRISCompressor Pro   $ 49 Buy now
IRISCompressor Pro Mac   $ 49 Buy now
IRISCard & Cardiris, Business Card Recognition
The IRISCard™ Anywhere 5 enables on-the-go users to easily capture information from their business contacts when away from their computer. Ideal for today's mobile lifestyle, it turns contact management into a child's play. Learn more about IRISCard & Cardiris

IRISCard Anywhere 5 $ 129 Buy now
IRISCard Corporate 5 $ 199 Buy now
Cardiris Pro 5   $ 99 Buy now
Cardiris Pro 4 Mac mac   $ 99 Buy now
Cardiris Corporate 5 for MS CRM   $ 299 Buy now

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