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Event highlights

During the IPM 2008, I.R.I.S. Introduced new breakthrough technologies in the fields of document scanning, image compression and text recognition!
- New IRISPowerscan
- New IRISPdf 7
- New I.R.I.S. Virtual Desktop Solution
- Update about Arabic OCR
- Update about iHQC

2007 results Pre-annoucement
I.R.I.S. publishes the trends of its 2007 annual results: Growth at all levels in 2007, good prospects for 2008
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Discover the rushes of the Keynote Session presented by Pierre De Mueleneare, president & CEO of I.R.I.S.
- Keynote Videos (see the "IPM 2008 Web TV" ont he right)
- Pictures

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Press Room
Read the IPM 2008 Press Releases
- Key press annoucements
- Technologies: world premiere

Photo Galleries
Watch the photo galleries of this unique event
- Event pictures
- Event videos (see the "IPM 2008 TV" ont he right)

Keynote Session
Discover the rushes of the Keynote Session
- Keynote Videos (see the "IPM 2008 TV" ont he right)
- Keynote Pictures

Educational Sessions
Discover the rushes of the Educational Sessions

IPM 2008 Awards
Best Partner Award in recognition of outstanding achievements
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About the IPM 2008

The IRIS Partners Meeting 2008, is a major event in the fields of Intelligent Document Recognition, Enterprise Content Management and Complex IT infrastructure

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