IRISCapture™ Invoices

For standard invoice processing (no line items management)
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IRISXtract™ Invoices

For advanced invoice processing (management of line items, multi VAT rates, etc.)
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Scan and index supplier invoices

IRISCapture™ Invoices and IRISXtract™ Invoices are I.R.I.S.’ solutions for the scanning and processing of paper and electronic invoices. Key accounting data is automatically captured for optimized Accounts Payable processes

Validate the extracted data

The extracted data is automatically checked using an extensive set of methods such as logical calculation rules. Inconsistencies are clearly highlighted for fast user intervention

No template design required

No need for design or OCR engine learning: just scan your invoices, and the solution identifies the supplier and key information (amounts, dates, invoice numbers no matter its position in the document , etc.)

Export to your business processes

A large number of special connectors are available for integration with popular content management or accounting applications such as MS Dynamics CRM, SharePoint, SAP, Sage, Oracle...
Key benefits
• Reduced processing times and costs
• Easy validation and export to ERP, DMS and accounting applications (Cloud-ready!)
• Better visibility on invoice payments
• Improved staff productivity and satisfaction
• Audit-ready bookkeeping
• Improved supplier relationships
• Strong return on investment

Key features
• Scan from any MFP or scanner
• No template design needed
• Process multi-page invoices coming from different suppliers and a wide range of countries: Belgium, France, Germany, UK, USA, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Serbia (Latin), Serbia (Cyrillic), Turkey, Australia.
• Very fast identification of suppliers
• Recognize invoice content and extract key data automatically (date, VAT number, amount, currency, line items, etc.)
• Automatic data validity check
(thanks to OCR confidence, field formats, math rules, etc.)
• Drag-and-drop OCR tool to assist data validation
• Possibility to create links with external databases
(ex. supplier databases)
• Easy export, through the IRISConnect™ add-on, of invoices with their relative key data (XML or CSV file) and attachments into Document Management Systems (Microsoft® SharePoint®, Therefore®, etc.), accounting applications (EBP, Ciel, etc.), ERP systems (SAP, Microsoft Dynamics®, Sage®, etc.) or Cloud services

What are the main processing steps?

1. Reception

Your invoices and their attachments are scanned (paper) or imported (electronic)
2. Encoding
Suppliers are recognized and key data is automatically entered into the system (supplier name and VAT number, date, amount, invoice number, line items etc.)
3. Validation
The captured data is checked using an extensive set of rules (math, logic, etc.). Documents that do not conform are subject to validation by the operator
Once validated, your invoices and their attachments are exported into the company's DMS (Microsoft® SharePoint®, Therefore®, etc.), accounting applications (EBP, Ciel, etc.), ERP systems (SAP, Microsoft Dynamics®, Sage®, etc.) or Cloud services (ex. for allocation, approval, accounting and filing)

In a few minutes only, your accounting data and financial information is incorporated into the heart of your company's systems directly, fully available to your Accounts Payable and Finance departments !