As part of a very dynamic and ever-changing environment, legal professionals constantly deal with paper case files, reading court decisions, legislation and other regulations. Finding that information, retyping it for later use, or sharing it with colleagues or customers – represents a significant loss of time and money.

The confidential documents they deal with on a daily basis need flawless traceability. They can’t fall into unauthorized hands, get tampered with, lost or even destroyed accidentally. Their lifecycle also needs to remain under control as for the people they should go to, or the actions they should undergo in a timely manner.

I.R.I.S.’ integrated solutions for Legal document capture and management are the perfect answer to those essential challenges of the legal activity. Based on I.R.I.S. core technologies or on the market’s leading solutions implemented by I.R.I.S. (such as Autonomy WorkSite) and backed up by an extensive list of success stories on a European scale, they are the perfect way for law firms to enhance their lawyers’ productivity, keep costs under control and improve overall competitiveness.
Digitized records
Court proceedings, subpoenas, complaints, notices, evidence, depositions, filings, statutes, memoranda, etc. The Legal sector is characterized by a large variety of often long documents, adding up to form large and cumbersome files, hard to search, deal with, re-use, transport and store.

One of the first missions of Legal document management is to digitize your paper records and incoming documents at the highest speeds. As documents are being scanned, key information of your choice (such as case number, filing or trial date, name, reference) is recognized automatically and appended to them. Those new properties called indexes, or metadata, are used to tag your client records for fast and convenient reference.

OCR for document search and text edition
Thanks to fully searchable and indexed PDF files created by I.R.I.S.’ powerful OCR technology, your entire information is now instantly retrievable.

Whether you choose a simple keyword search or a more advanced query customized around document metadata or other properties, you can browse information anywhere in your organization, in any language, and cross-reference multiple cases. Of course, any other content type such as video, web, audio or email can be included in search results.

Other available formats such as Microsoft Word are fully editable and will make sure you never go through any tedious text retyping again.

Optimized matter management
Whatever the size of your law firm, it needs consistent records. This is achieved by capturing and incorporating files, incoming mail, emails, complex documents or other data into an optimized matter management structure.
Whether it is organized into cabinets and folders or archived according to certain criteria – client, case, event, or any other – it should gather all relevant information (electronic documents, videos, pictures, audio files and more) and be kept up-to-date constantly through document retention, either automatically or by reminder.

Confidentiality and security at every level
One of the main missions of Legal document management is to guarantee that confidential client data, case information, research work or any other type of sensitive material, is secure from unauthorized access while remaining easily available to approved staff.

With the many different document types dealt with every day by a law firm (case files, records, testimonies, filings, proceedings, evidence or contracts, auditions and more), ensuring a flawless audit trail is of critical importance. I.R.I.S.’ integrated solutions for Legal document capture and management offer advanced access rights and document versioning with check-in/check-out functionalities are essential tools to monitor who is able to view or edit files, keep track of the changes made, and be offered the possibility to go back to a previous state, eliminating the risk of being spoiled or tampered with.

Collaboration is key
Electronic documents are a step further is efficient daily work and collaboration between coworkers, a well-established productivity booster. Your files are organized in the way that best suits your needs so that you are sure to get all relevant information about a case, no matter who added it, modified it, or where those changes were carried out.

Moreover, you can append annotations to documents and let the people of your choice review those notes securely, either for mutual advantage or in order to build communities on expertise, or simply to share best practices throughout your organization and make sure every lawyer or paralegal stays up-to-date with the latest statutes, trial verdicts, regulations or others.

Better productivity for satisfied staff and clientele
Well-organized electronic records, available anywhere, and which can be shared in a few clicks will enhance productivity and customer response instantly, giving your firm the competitive edge and ensuring greater client loyalty.

Document lifecycle and workflows
Customize any number of steps and processes for your documents to follow. At each phase, documents can be captured, indexed, routed to attorneys or paralegals, shared, archived or more, and routed to a series of tasks subject to reminders and deadlines, such as review or approval.

A series of advanced tracking and monitoring functionalities grant the administrator full control every step of the way, for 100% visibility all along the document’s lifecycle.

User-friendly and intuitive
Your organization needs document management that enhances current procedures while respecting the tools that have proven their efficiency in your daily work, so you can keep working with your documents the same way you always have.

For instance, I.R.I.S.’ integrated solutions for Legal document capture and management offer seamless integration with Microsoft Office, so you can create, open or save documents and their multiple versions directly within common applications such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint and Outlook. Emails and attachments can also be filed directly from Outlook.

Versioning, document history, email notifications or security settings are also available in the same way you are used to.

Mobility – Your data anytime, anywhere
Wherever you are, in court, at the office, at home or even on the road, you need to recover sensible information quickly. Thanks to web access and top-of-the range mobile apps, access your document management system securely from your laptop, tablet computer or smartphone, and retrieve all your data anytime anywhere.

Cost efficiency
Legal documents often need to be consulted and distributed to customers, colleagues or other subsidiaries. This is usually done through expensive and time-consuming manual operations such as mail shipment, email or fax, which can be greatly alleviated with Legal document management.

By sharing electronic documents instead of printing or photocopying them, you will decrease volumes of paper.

Combined to digitized records and electronic capture of incoming paper documents, you will also save on floor space and costly offsite record storage significantly.

Furthermore, I.R.I.S.’ integrated solutions for Legal document capture and management are meant to be cost-effective and adapted to any need. They are modular and can be deployed progressively across your entire organization while offering you all the essential functionalities you need, so you are always sure to reach optimal return on investment.