I.R.I.S. Business Process Optimization: Financial Services

Automated Processing and Management of Mortgage Loans

Mortgage loans are heavy files made of a variety of different document types and formats (pay slips, ID copies, warranty certificates, rate simulations, communications with notaries/agencies, photos and plans, etc) which may come at different times and from multiple sources (paper or electronic, mail or fax, etc.). Making sure every bit of information safely and securely finds its way into the right files, processes or systems (CRM, ECM, enterprise portals, etc.) and can be retrieved easily, is one of the most time-consuming challenges that financial institutions employees have to face every day.

Key Benefits
Faster and optimized business processes
Improve productivity by reducing times between mail receipt and incorporation into the company's systems. Your business teams have faster and more secure access documents used to their full potential, and to information they need to review and act on

Better controlled information flow
Get a flawless audit trail thanks to fully managed document routing and traceability, fewer manual input errors or lost documents, and minimized risks linked to confidentiality issues

Improved client satisfaction
Efficient document management improves responsiveness as client files are processed more quickly and the information passed on is of better quality

Reduced mail processing costs
Digitized records bring the possibility to dedicate employees who sort the mail to tasks with greater added value, and to reduce paper volumes and its associated handling, shipping and storage costs

Enhanced collaboration and satisfaction amongst employees
Information sharing within your company is improved. Employees are able to easily retrieve the information they need, or share relevant records