IRISDocument™ - Server

Automatic, server-based OCR solution

Automatically convert huge volume of images into fully searchable, structured and hyper-compressed documents adapted for editing, short or long-term archiving.

Key benefits
A real time saver for all your employees
Employees can transform paper into “intelligent electronic documents" from their daily work tools, easily modify them without retyping, and quickly retrieve archived documents via key word searches. They can also access their processed documents at any time from any location, even when out of office.
Improve your company's productivity
Every day your whole organization is automatically populated with fully editable, searchable and compressed documents. They are directly integrated into your back-end systems or third-party application (DMS, ERP, business application, etc.) to speed up your document-based business processes.
Secure your archives and stay in conformity with regulations
Your paper-based documentation is archived in electronic format on a long-term basis, thanks to PDF/A document creation, the ISO worldwide standard for long-term archiving. (I.R.I.S. is a full member of the PDF/A Competence Center)
Reduce your storage costs
In order to save space, your archives are hyper-compressed up to 50 times without compromising visual quality, thanks to iHQC™ (Intelligent High Quality Compression), I.R.I.S.' exclusive compression technology. Compression also facilitates document sharing as files are quicker to email, to copy on a shared folder and to download
What are the main processing steps?

Scan: your paper documents are scanned with an MFP or with a production scanner associated with IRISPowerscan™, I.R.I.S.' high-volume scanning application. They can also be classified and indexed thanks to extraction of key data like title, reference, author or date.
Import: electronic images are imported into IRISDocument™ Server from different sources (MFPs, scanners associated with IRISPowerscan™, folders, etc.). There are 2 different import mode:“batch processing" which handles very large batches of documents in one shot, and “watched folder” which processes paper documents as they are digitized.
Enhance images: image quality is improved; text orientation is detected and pages are deskewed when needed.
Recognize: the whole content of the document is automatically identified and the text is recognized thanks to embedded I.R.I.S. OCR technology.
Structure: your electronic files can be separated automatically via blank pages or barcodes. They can also be named automatically after those barcodes, or the first text line of the page. Finally, folders can be created based on of barcode values or image names.
Convert: you can transform your paper documents automatically into various electronic formats according to your needs. For instance, editable formats such as Word will let you update a document easily, while images or archiving formats such as PDF are more suitable for short or long-term archiving.
Highly-compress: your documents can be automatically converted into hyper-compressed PDF or XPS, up to 50 times smaller than the original size thanks to I.R.I.S.' unique iHQC™ technology.
Export: your documents can be exported to various destinations automatically. They can be emailed, exported to an FTP server, placed in a personal folder or shared network folder. They can also be exported to your back-end systems (Document Management Systems like Microsoft SharePoint™, Therefore™ or IRISNext™, Enterprise Content Management systems like FileNet™ or Documentum™, as well as any ERP, business application or database via custom connectors).
Key advantages of the solution
100% automatic: works 24/7 as a totally automated service
Unlimited volume: a standard IRISDocument™ Server license is not limited in terms of number of pages to process, and number of connected MFPs or scanners. It can also work with as many simultaneaous users as needed, from different geographical sites of your company.
Highly scalable: able to cope with average to high volumes, from a few dozen up to 60,000 documents per server per day the optional multi-CPU add-on!
Fully integrated with scanning devices such as MFPs or network and production scanners associated with IRISPowerscan™, I.R.I.S.' high-volume scanning application.
Powerful text recognition: I.R.I.S.' OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology perfectly recognizes 137 languages. For international needs, you can read up to 5 languages per document! This extensive list can be further extended thanks to optional modules for the recognition of Arabic and Farsi, simplified and traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Hebrew.
Structure your documents automatically on the basis of barcodes: barcode values or the first line of a page can be used to name and index your documents easily or to create predefined folder architectures.
Wide range of output formats : editable, non editable, adapted for short and long term archiving. To go even faster, you can generate up to 11 different output formats simultaneously in just a few clicks!
PDF hyper-compression: the size of your PDF or XPS files can be reduced by up to 50 times while keeping both the original image quality and the recognized text for future re-uses.
Easy integration with front-end (MFPs, scanners, folders, etc.) and back-end systems like DMS, ERP and business applications (Microsoft® SharePoint®, Therefore™, IRISNext™, FileNet®, Documentum®, etc.).
Quick to install and easy to manage for the administrator.
Transparent to use for employees.
Versions & Add-ons
Available versions:
• IRISDocument™ Server 9
• I.R.I.S. hyper compression with iHQC™ (Intelligent High Quality Compression) to hyper-compress PDF and XPS files up to 50 times.
• Multi-CPU to make use of the power of multi-core servers and process up to 60,000 documents per day per server.
• ScanFront® and ImageRUNNER® connectors to improve the connection between your scanner / MFP and IRISDocument™ Server: the documents that are scanned with your scanner / MFP and processed by IRISDocument™ Server will be sent in a personal location that you can choose (personal or department e-mail, private FTP file or personal folder). This specificity is easier for the user and ensures better confidentiality for your documents.
• Microsoft® SharePoint® connector to export documents and indexes into Microsoft® Sharepoint®, directly in the right libraries.
• Therefore™ connector to export documents and indexes into Therefore™, directly in the right categories.
• Arabic OCR to recognize Arabic and Farsi.
• Asian OCR to recognize Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Korean.
• Hebrew OCR to recognize Hebrew.
Minimum computer requirements:
• Intel® Pentium® or equivalent. Intel® Pentium® IV 2GHz or equivalent is recommended
• 512 MB RAM. 1 GB RAM is recommended
• 400 MB free disk space for the software, plus the space necessary for the image files
• Operating system: Windows® 7, Vista®, XP, 2000, Server® 2008 and 2003

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