IRISCloud™ - Cloud solutions

A new, mobile vision of the workplace

IRISCloud™ brings companies 100% web-based, outsourced and risk-free Information Management solutions.

Hosted securely in the I.R.I.S. Data Centers and following a Private Cloud model,
The IRISCloud™ solutions allow professionals on the go to use their tablet to:
• Access the company’s repository
• Find documents through full text search
• Edit them thanks to versioning
• Share them and notify coworkers
• Perform workflow tasks such as invoice approval
• Synchronize folders for offline consultation

Text Recognition, Document creation & Compression
IRISCloud™ OCR brings the benefits of I.R.I.S.’ highly acclaimed text recognition engine and one-of-a-kind hyper-compression technology at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere. Just upload a scan, file or picture, and select among an extensive list of recognition language and output formats.
You’re done – in seconds, your document has turned into an editable text file or a fully searchable PDF, hyper-compressed up to 50 times. The ideal solution for any mobile device on the go!
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IRISCloud Invoice
Invoice scanning, Data Extraction, Approval, Export to ERP, Archiving & more
IRISCloud™ Invoice is a complete invoice processing solution, from scanning to export to back-end systems such as ERP, Document Management Systems or Accounting applications, featuring:
• A variety of upload mechanisms (scanner, MFP, email, file upload)
• Advanced workflows for data capture and invoice approval (multiple VAT rates, line items processing, classification, data validation, etc.)
• Dedicated web interface for invoice viewing and approval workflows (accounting validation, line item dispatch, payment approval, invoice release, requests for credit, etc.)
• Advanced distribution and consultation to a variety of ERPs, and/or secure storage in dedicated servers at the I.R.I.S. data centers
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Document management and Business Process Management
IRISCloud™ ECM offers all the features of Document Management and Business Process Management directly within an Internet browser, bringing users benefits such as:
• Intuitive access to dematerialized, indexed, centralized and traceable content.
• Collaborative work (document edition, MS Office integration).
• Customizable business workflows and tasks (distribution, schedules, sequencing and follow-up)
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IRISCloud Community
Online collaborative workspace for Content Management
IRISCloud™ Community allows organizations to set up an online collaborative workspace where they can easily and safely:
• Federate, stock and share information of any kind (documents, contacts, events, forums, surveys, projects, etc.).
• Invite registered and non-registered users to actively interact.
• Design their front end (intranet/extranet/website) in accordance with their graphic charter.
• Enjoy an a powerful, full-text and customizable search engine, alert and notification services, distribution lists, eNewsletters, project management tools, simultaneous multi-website management, and many more
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A secure environment
The IRISCloud™ solutions are hosted in the I.R.I.S. data centers according to a Private Cloud approach, which allocates each customer their dedicated server, with many options available in terms of backup, security levels, power (server, bandwidth) and many others.
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