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Where is my serial number?

  • Inside the dvd box

  • Sticker on the backside of the cd sleeve

  • On a license sheet called "License sheet for SN for IRISCan ..." located inside the product box

  • On a separate explanatory sheet for IRIScan Book Executive 3

  • In your confirmation email for electronic order

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    What's new with Readiris 16?
    - New version of the recognition engine
    - The ability to convert Word, Excel and PowerPoint files into indexed PDFs
    - Access to document conversion by right-clicking with the mouse
    - New user interface
    - Addition of a quality indicator for imported documents
    - Improved tool to handle pages within a document
    - Automatic detection of IRIS scanners
    - New version of the image pre-processing engine
    - Improved perspective correction module
    Upgrade Pricing
    Readiris Pro 16: $69
    Readiris Corporate 16: $99
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