The ultimate all-in-one connector

IRISConnect™ is a state-of-the-art module that creates a smart and dynamic link between your I.R.I.S. capture solution and your third party application, whether on your intranet or in the Cloud.

Key benefits for your company
Boost your business processes with integrated document capture
Revolutionize the way each one of your employees think about document management; any incoming document is now traceable and shared throughout the entire organization in a matter of seconds, all the while integrated into your back-end systems.

With each document used to its full potential, the challenges of the past turn into new opportunities to save time and optimize operational efficiency, for unprecedented and sustainable return on investment.

Bank on your past investments
Make the most out of your current and future systems, by offering them the bridge they were missing to your captured documents, with immediately available connections to an extensive selection of DMS, ECM, ERP and CRM systems.
Of course, any other system can be addressed through the IRISConnect™ ToolBox and XML export/import interface.

Save time on money on IT deployments
Thanks to a universal approach for any connection with one single API, installer and registration procedure, IRISConnect™ will boost document management within your organization in a just a few man-days. Also, any future development in your back-end systems, such as new index fields, can be mirrored in your I.R.I.S. document capture solution in just a few clicks. The creation of configurable wizards is also supported for even easier operation!
How does it work?

Your ECM systems have been cleverly designed to suit your company’s purposes, with key data to be appended to your documents such as their type (invoices, mail, contracts, and others) and indexes (supplier, amount, reference, recipient, and others).

That is how you build to information systems, and that is the way it should stay, no matter what operational improvements will be brought along.
It simply makes sense that your newly installed document capture systems match those configurations.

This is precisely the job of IRISConnect™. It will automatically retrieve the metadata you defined in your external system, and match it to the data captured from your incoming documents by your brand-new I.R.I.S. solution.

IRISConnect™ is the perfect answer no matter what enhancements you wish to bring to your document management processes. It is used by every I.R.I.S. application, covering the whole range of document capture services we offer, with solutions such as IRISPowerscan™, IRISDocument ™, IRISCapture™, Readiris™, IRISXtract ™ and IRISNext™.
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