IRISFingerprint, Document classification toolkit

This toolkit is the perfect solution for document classification. Each document type is identified using sophisticated algorithms based on the physical layout of the document. The system is very easy to train. Just provide some samples of the different types of documents you have and the system will learn to identify them. Scan a new batch of documents and they will be automatically separated based on their recognized type.


  • Powerful classification SDK - uses only graphical features to classify documents in milliseconds.
  • Details and text information are not relevant – Fingerprint can also be used with bad quality OCR documents like faxes.
  • Uses training to create repositories of learned page layouts.
  • Can deal with large amounts of stored fingerprints without affecting classification speed.
  • Easy to use COM interface.

Technical information

- COM objects

Windows Licensing:
- SDK license + Runtime License
- Protection: Dongle, License key or Universal key

System requirements:
- Development Environments : Microsoft Visual C++ 6.x, Microsoft Visual Studio
- ?? MB hard-disk space.
- An Intel® Pentium® based PC or equivalent is recommended.