iDR SDK, Invoice & Form recognition toolkit

Invoice recognition, Classification/Digital mailroom, structured Form recognition and FreeForm recognition SDK

This toolkit is available with predefined configurations to recognize and classify documents for well defined vertical needs, see the descriptions of the Solution Packages below. Each of the solution packages can be adapted to fit your specific needs.


  • Powerful all-in-one recognition and classification SDK
  • Fits all document types – freeform, invoices, structured forms etc.
  • Predefined solution packages - You only need to load the appropriate configuration to create a full-fledged document processing application.
  • Provides state-of-the-art classification technologies – classify your documents based on graphical layout analysis (Fingerprint) that can be combined with content and rules based analysis for unprecedented accuracy.
  • Very easy-to-use – just a few functions independent of the document type
  • Multi-language support – elegant interface supporting native C and .Net

Predefined Solutions Packages

  • Accounts Payable Solution Package: automated processing of invoices with order numbers; able to compare order information with invoice content.
  • Factoring Solution Package: automated processing of invoices without order information.
  • Tax Solution Package: automated processing of invoices (credit and debit) and perfectly fits to tax agencies or service bureaus which do invoice processing as a service for their clients.
  • Orders Solution Package: automated processing of orders, very often faxes.
  • Human Resources Solution Package: classifies all HR related documents like curriculum vitae, application letters…
  • Banking Solution Package: classifies all customer related documents at a bank like accounts opening, signature card, credit, mortgage, ...
  • Personalized Post Solution Package: covers all documents at the mailroom which can be sorted to a person (search the name) or a department (classify documents like invoices or orders) by keyword
  • Healthcare Solution Package: for classification and automation of documents for healthcare insurances from hospitals, doctors, pharmacies ...