I.R.I.S. Professional solutions for Information Management

By combining 25 years of experience and an extensive portfolio of technologies, I.R.I.S. helps companies improve information management and streamline business processes thanks to tailor-made solutions

Advanced project management
Because every company is unique, an in-depth analysis of current business processes and requirements will first determine how your documents are used in operational processes, and identify productivity bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement.

We will then further share our expertise with you by providing you with the necessary insights for you to select the Information Management system that is right for your company and end users. On top of our own ad hoc in-house solutions coupled with our functional and technical consultancy services, we have long-lasting strategic partnerships with the world’s leading IM software editors which make I.R.I.S. the ideal partner for implementing proven and customized solutions, either at your premises or remotely in SaaS mode (learn more)

Of course technological know-how and software development are only a part of effective project management. As such every other aspect crucial to a successful New World of Work will be covered: information lifecycle management, scanning and intelligent document recognition, search technologies, archiving and records management, information compliance, security and change management so your users are listened to, informed, trained and walked through a smooth and successful transition towards their new working environment.

More specifically, I.R.I.S. combines its extensive knowledge of specific market segments to offer complete vertical solutions for Business Process Optimization, fined-tuned in direct support of the sector’s typical business processes or challenges, and featuring compelling return on investment.

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Outsourcing and Insourcing
We also specialize in supplying professional consultants to international organizations in order to carry out Information Management projects. Depending on your requirements, we can supply multidisciplinary personnel of any skill and experience levels - analysts, programmers, developers, project managers, technical writers, training specialists, user support agents, scanning operators and more - who will complement your team either off-site (outsourcing) or on your premises (insourcing).

For the digitization of large quantities of data over short periods of time, we are able to supply the hardware part, including high-speed scanners for standard documents, books or larger formats.

Other outsourcing possibilities are also available, for instance with our fully equipped service bureau where experienced operators can take care of any large-scale project revolving around mail management and key data extraction such as inbound vote processing or form design, printing and multi-channel dispatch.
Advanced in-house solutions
I.R.I.S. Professional Solutions are first of all experts of the Information Management world. As such, we choose the solutions that will best fit your needs and requirements. On top of our partner’s world-leading applications, we have the entire I.R.I.S. portfolio at our fingertips and even developed our own Document and Business Process Management solution: IRISNext™.

IRISNext™ is built to help you collect, centralize and organize all the documents and processes relevant to your organization. It is quick to install, powerful and flexible and adapts to your organization’s way of working easily.

IRISNext™ enables all your employees to work on the same documents in the same environment, instead of creating individual versions and file trees. A web-based system, it works with all operating systems, applications and software versions, regardless of which systems your staff is running. In addition to standard electronic document management functions such as document reservation, versioning and security, IRISNext™ integrates seamlessly with most working environments as it is accessible directly from your MS Office applications. Moreover its open architecture makes it easy for you to create your own tools, such as training modules and archiving applications.

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Partnership with worldwide industry leaders
Next to the I.R.I.S. in-house portfolio, I.R.I.S. has built long-lasting relationships with world-leading editors of industry standards in Information Management, such as HP Autonomy WorkSite, OpenText Content Suite Platform or Microsoft SharePoint among many others, allowing us to become not only implementation experts, but also to develop numerous add-ons, e.g. for the integration of those systems with MS Office or scanning devices, and many more.

HP Autonomy WorkSite offers seamless intuitive document and e-mail management in a digital file, making them easier to find, share, and reuse so your teams can work together securely with their information from any location, using any device. By unifying content across e-mail inboxes and file systems and between colleagues, partners, and customers, you can achieve significant value through higher productivity and improved customer service.

A trusted partner of HP Autonomy, I.R.I.S. specializes in other applications of HP’s portfolio such as WorkSite Records Manager, Universal Search and Process Automation.
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The OpenText Content Suite Platform is a comprehensive Enterprise Content Management system designed to manage the flow of information from capture through to archiving and deletion. Content Suite Platform lets you manage your information to drive strategic growth and innovation while coping with an increasingly complex and dynamic regulatory landscape and reducing risks.
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Microsoft SharePoint allows companies to create websites and use them as a secure place to store, organize, share, and access information from almost any device through a simple web browser.
SharePoint has many useful purposes among which acting as your company’s intranet or extranet, where users and partners can collaborate, find news and information or review tasks. It also gives businesses a shared space to store documents so they’re not locked away on any one person’s hard drive, with secure access and versioning. SharePoint also supports business intelligence thanks to a comprehensive access to your business's data with intuitive graphs and charts, helping you identify trends and patterns and eventually make better decisions.

Workshare Business helps companies manage files from anywhere (including versioning), share them securely through encryption, manage users and enhance cooperation through file commenting, enable BYOD and mobility.
Workshare Enterprise adds full audit trails and reporting functionalities, as well as out-of-the-box integration with your ECM/DMS and other advanced features.
Workshare Compare features a world-leading data comparison technology which compares text-based PDF or Word documents against multiple modified versions or revisions at any level — paragraph, line, word, or character — quickly and accurately, highlighting all changes and offering many options to reduce time spent on reviews.
Workshare Professional combines the advantages of Compare and Protect and integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office applications and existing document management systems. Trusted by the world’s leading organizations as the most accurate document comparison and review software, Workshare Professional 8 now features secure file transfer.

Archimed was founded in 1993 and specializes in electronic document management solutions for administrations, communities and businesses. Archimed developed the Elise solution which allows over 100,000 users worldwide to master the challenges of their circulating documents. Elise is combines trouble-free implementation, great user-friendliness and an unrivaled technical and functional package in order to meet challenges such as digitization, capture of electronic flows, multichannel security and document management, business process automation, customer and citizen relationship management, and more.

IRIS is also a proud IBM Premier Business Partner. Both companies share a long history and a most successful track record, which positions IRIS as an expert integrator for the entire IBM portfolio, including the IBM Information Management solutions, aimed at delivering trusted information throughout your information supply chain and help you analyze your information to gain insights, identify breakdowns, and make better decisions that will optimize your business. Among other solutions, IRIS has specialized in IBM's Big Data solutions (which enable you to store, manage and analyze data across numerous sources while making data accessible to your business analysts, data scientists and IT users), Information Integration and Governance solutions (which enable confidence, unlocking value and integrating data throughout the enterprise), as well as Data Repositories (which help you reduce the cost and complexity of managing your data).