iHQC™ - hyper-compression technology

Compress your images up to 50 times with iHQC

Shrink your images files (including text, pictures, tables, etc.) up to 50 times compared to the uncompressed document, while keeping visual quality, for easy sharing and efficient storage!

Key benefits
Minimum size for maximum quality
Reduce the size of your images drastically to create color or black & white PDF, PDF/A (for long-term archiving) or XPS files without compromising text resolution and legibility. You can even print your compressed documents with good visual quality!

Save time
by speeding up the transfer of large files (quicker downloads and uploads) especially with slow Internet connections and/or using mobile devices.

Save money
by reducing your storage space up to 50 times and by saving bandwidth while sharing your documents.

Optimize your archives
by retrieving your compressed documents in a click, thanks to keywords searches.

Improve internal communication
thanks to easiest and quickest document access to any user
How does it work ?
I.R.I.S.' Intelligent High-Quality Compression technology is designed to convert a standard document image (color or black & white uncompressed formats, JPEG, JPEG 2000, TIFF, image PDF, etc.) into a new color or black & white PDF or XPS document of much smaller size, readable by anybody, anywhere in the world, from any platform.

An intelligent imaging algorithm will determine the different components of the original image (background, foreground, text, lines, etc.). Instead of applying a unique compression type to all the components of the image, different compression strategies will be combined to maintain perfect legibility and select the most fitting compression method.


Where can you find I.R.I.S.’s iHQC™ hyper-compression?
I.R.I.S.' exclusive hyper-compression technology is already included or available in many I.R.I.S. solutions:
Readiris™ Pro*
Readiris™ Corporate
IRISDocument™ Server*

* iHQC™ compression level 1 included; levels 2 & 3 are available as add-ons
Minimum computer requirements:
• Intel® Pentium® or equivalent. Intel® Pentium® IV 2GHz or equivalent is recommended
• 512 MB RAM. 1 GB RAM is recommended
• 400 MB free disk space for the software, plus the space necessary for the image files
• Operating system: Windows® 7, Vista®, XP, 2000, Server® 2008 and 2003

Brochure iHQC™