I.R.I.S. Delivery Note Automation

Delivery notes

The goal of logistics is the efficient management of resources between the point of origin and the point of consumption. This usually involves information flows that need to be integrated with material handling, production, packaging, inventory, transportation, warehousing, and often security.

Delivery notes are key documents at the heart of those information flow. None can be lost, and the information they hold should be processed as fast as possible while the goods are being unloaded and stored in the warehouse so stock data is always up-to-date.

The glue holding the logistics chain together

Delivery notes are particularly central documents as they apply to all the stakeholders of the logistics chain from end to end.

Transporters receive goods from many different sources, customers and places every single day. They offer their customers warehousing services as well as re-expedition of goods to their final destination and it is business critical for them to have up-to-date information about stocks.

Customers need to monitor stock levels and prevent them from building up, as well as keep close track of deliveries in order to ensure operational continuity and accurate order forecasting.

For suppliers, a signed delivery note is a proof of delivery essential to guaranteeing service excellence, monitoring the sales, delivery and invoicing chain as well as addressing any customer complaint.

As essential as they are every step of the way, delivery notes are still too often an obstacle to fully optimized processes. Keying in the data they contain in resource planning applications is often long and error-prone when done manually, and challenging as there are as many different delivery note formats as there are transport companies.

How I.R.I.S. can help

I.R.I.S. can help you reduce processing times to a minimum and dedicate resources to more added-value activities. Thanks to IRISXtract™ and Delivery Notes solution package, the processing of delivery notes is fully digitized, bringing you streamlined document flows finally rid of lengthy manual data entry as key information about delivered goods is captured automatically, for instance delivery number, sales order number, purchase order number, package number, and more.

Delivery notes are processed faster which allows your document management system and warehousing management application to be updated and reflect reality more quickly. Stock management is optimized, re-expeditions are prepared more rapidly and customer get accurate transport status and goods location at any time.

How does it work?

Based on I.R.I.S. core technologies and backed up by an extensive list of success stories on a European scale, the solution package is the perfect way for any organizations struggling with purchase orders to enhance their productivity, keep costs under control and improve overall competitiveness.

The process is extremely simple and totally integrated into a seamless environment. As a result, more delivery notes can be processed by fewer people in a shorter time.
  1. Delivery notes come in from any source and are sent directly into IRISXtract™
  2. Relevant information is automatically extracted, among others supplier or customer data, sales and purchase order numbers, package references, delivery date, etc.
  3. Any data requiring validation is brought to the attention of your operators and quickly taken care of thanks to optimized interfaces and shortcuts.
  4. Delivery note information can now be exported to your logistics application managing invoicing and delivery

Key Benefits

Faster and more reliable logistics chain
Reducing times between delivery note receipt and incorporation into your logistics systems will grant your teams with faster access to your stock information, so ensuing processes such as re-expedition, production, or invoicing can be done as soon as possible.

Reduced operational costs
The delivery note data input in your logistics application is of better quality and accessible more easily, allowing you to reduce processing costs considerably and optimize overall efficiency. Digitized documents also reduce paper volumes and the associated handling, shipping and storage costs.

Audit-ready and safe processes
Get a flawless audit trail and retrieve any information in seconds thanks to fully managed, traceable and controllable capture processes, fewer manual input errors or lost documents, and minimized risks of confidentiality issues traditionally linked to paper handling.

Improved customer service
Thanks to automated capture of delivery notes, customer get updated transport statuses and goods locations faster. The I.R.I.S. solutions also improves responsiveness as customer enquiries about their orders can be answered faster, since information is just a few clicks away.

Improved staff productivity
Your staff is released from tedious and repetitive tasks such as inputting or checking delivery notes one by one. They can concentrate on more added-value tasks waste less time looking for information, correcting errors, dealing with customer queries or complaints about their orders.